The Northwest Corner

This is the northwesternmost tip of the D&M as seen in ESP_042595

Once again, we're looking at an area about 1100 meters wide at 1/2 resolution

Click image for a full 50 cm res view

This is probably the most pristine area to be found around the entire D&M. To the left we have the same linear type layout of ruins
which are evident along much of the entire west side, to the right we have the pyramid. Note that the pyramid surfaces are relatively
intact as well, and there is a most profound dichotomy between pyramid surfaces on the right and the ruined linear plains to the left.
Around this entire magnificent pyramid are apparently the ancient ruined trappings of a former civilization. These new images are the
 very thing we have been waiting for and were worth the seven years it took to get them. With them we finally get a close and clear look
at some of the best preserved archaeology on Mars. No longer is it mere speculation, the D&M is the centerpiece of a mega-metropolis.

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