The Eastern Wastes

This is the easternmost edge of the D&M as seen in ESP_042595.

This entire area from tip of the point to the destroyed East Gate bears signs of the same underlying linearities as is more easily
seen on the western and southern sides as well as a tremendous deposition of materials. Here it is evident that large amounts of
debris were carried from the north and settled against the pyramid's side. Whatever it was (and I propose it was a huge wave) that
carried this detritus, which is most likely broken pieces from the part of Cydonia City north of here, it also wiped out a good bit of
the D&M's eastern/northeast side. This damaged material has also obviously made its way down hill both during the cataclysm and
over the intervening eons. The East Gate is pictured below, and the remains appear as if it were once very similar to the West Gate.


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Here the most linearities we see are where the burying layers were thin enough to be exhumed by wind over the ages. Here we also see a vastly
damaged corner and the exposed cellular interior structure lying under it. Top of image near center is a large crenulated foundational remnant.

As we continue along this side, we see more of the same cataclysmic depositional and erosive evidences, especially along the northeastern corner.
In this one the corner is totally exposed, widened and collapsed, and it has suffered an impact at the contact with the plain. This area and the East
Gate must have taken the full brunt when the destructive wave hit. Note there is a possible collapsed tetrahedron near the lower top right corner.


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Further up, we get to the triangular area making up the 'point of the spear'. This is the lowest surface of the pyramid, and gently slopes upwards
 towards where the northern facet of the D&M proper where it then changes angle and rises steeply. This area was totally buried, but less so on 
its west side, and in all has been being wind exhumed more than the other areas around the rest of the eastern D&M. Again we see the pile of
debris along the border with the plain, and the surface of this triangular area displays strange pock marks as if bubbled up from underneath.
Look in the bottom right near the corner. There is a large square foundation beside a smaller circular ruin and various preserved linear remains.


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Next we have the massively destroyed area between the East Gate and the Northeastern Corner. Some have speculated that this is yet another
corner to the entirety and gives the D&M a five within six sided geometry. Since it is so demolished and has such a massive amount of collapse
material sitting above it, I cannot state it is for certain. What I can state is that is anomalous, and may have been a large ancillary structure.
At the far left end of the False Corner there's a series of small circular structures and possible architectural remnants sticking out of the mess.


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For all intents and purposes, to know exactly what's under the destroyed east side we're going to have to go there and dig. At least it held its shape

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