The Reliquary

I can already hear it...

"But Keith, you've shown us these great big images full of all this stuff, so where are the anomalies?"

Well, frankly they are literally covering nearly every image I've so far detailed, especially those from the south and western sides,
and believe you me, I know exactly what it's like to look at a big huge new area you haven't quite got your head wrapped around yet.
In this instance however I've been studying the features on and around this splendiferous king of pyramids ever since they started
imaging it, and though this was using piecemeal MOC images and lower resolution Odyssey and Mars Express datum, these big bold
new takes have totally validated many items seen in them and more. They've removed the non resolvable feature argument entirely.
  It's incredibly difficult to dismiss or argue away surface features on images in which a pixel is just a slight bit larger than a basketball.

On this page I'm going to pull some individual and grouped items out of the images and display them. Like most Martian archaeology
these items are variously buried, collapsed or otherwise apocalyptically aged and demolished, though enough remains to be identified.

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