D&M The South Gate


The South Gate

This is the southernmost tip of the D&M, I call it the South Gate for obvious reasons. I'm using ESP-042318
From left to right this image covers an area of about 1200 meters, and is displayed at 1/3 full resolution.

 Click image for an inset view of this area in full 30cm res.

From image left to right, we start with a rectilinear layout of former or buried structural elements studded with the remnants of various
hardier constructions. We also see a curious lack of talus along the base of the D&M. Following along the base, we come upon what can best
be described as a massive gateway to the interior, complete with highway leading into it. Following along this highway we pass by a couple
much lighter toned oval structures and a linear bright object that appears to be a collapsed building. This entire area is replete with linear
footings and collapsed cellular shapes, like a metropolis is buried under there, half swept away, half buried, being uncovered by the wind.

This becomes even more evident when we look at the false color images, which pick up the linearites in a lwhole other level of detail.

The 'Highway' passes through several more constructs in this area as it heads back up towards the Eastern waste region. Let's follow.

I call this area the Terminus. At the end of the road it ends in a large angular foundation, and possibly another former entrance.
There are several dilapidated structures along the course of this causeway, shells of a former glory, waiting to tell their stories.

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