The West Gate

This is the westernmost tip of the D&M, called the west gate- for good measure.

The image displayed is from ESP_042595. From left to right it covers around 1200 meters and is displayed at 1/2 resolution

Click image for a full 50 cm res view

The west side didn't suffer quite as terrible a fate as the eastern, and this area is evidence enough of that. Instead of being swept to the
foundations and left in piles except for resistant stubs, this side was mostly buried, and less so the further northwest you go. Streets and
  buildings arranged in magnificent mouldering geometric heaps leading to and fro and into the old west gate. This was once a mighty city.
What happened here makes every disaster ever put on film mere postshadowings of a primal fear etched into our consciousness long ago.

The Western Wall of the D&M is utterly magnificent.
Image ESP_042595 was taken at a 31.2° emission angle, so we can rotate it for bit of an oblique perspective. Hauntingly beautiful isn't it?

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