The Dome on 67P

The Rosetta Osiris images of Comet 67P have taken the world by surprise.

Even jaded anomalists such as myself cannot fail to be captivated by the very idea of orbiting this comet,
much less the incredible oddity seen in the imagery since we've started getting a good look at what's on it.

Are we sure this is in actuality a chunk of natural material left over from the genesis of our solar system?
If so, then why would a chunk of natural material contain obvious signs of artificial structural manipulation?

Why does this comet seem to have a proximity activated beacon?
As soon as the Rosetta craft got within 100 miles of it, we heard it.

As well, why would this particular comet smell like an organic trash heap?

What if this marvellous object is something else entirely? What says this can't be the derelict, decrepit ruin
of a generational starship, or perhaps even a piece of Trantor skin from the supposedly exploded Planet V?
Many have put forth speculations that the comet itself remarkably resembles a destroyed Cylon Basestar,
maybe even our very own exploded Death Star or some other such related sort of science fiction surface.

Sure would explain the trashy smell and proximity beacon. Maybe some lights are still on and no one's home?

Be that as may or may not be, my own forays into this imagery have revealed things I think quite astonishing;
A hexagonal dome for one, or rather the remains of one. Minus covering, it's in a decent state of preservation.

This dome can be seen on several Osiris images, but the best contexted and highest resolution versions of
it were released late March 2016 and consist of wide and narrow angle images at 1m and 20cm resolution.

See if you can spot what I'm inferring on the first of them. (Hint: just above and to the left of image center)

Do you see it?  Click images for full sized versions

  (image source:

At 1.09 meter res we can notice many interesting details. The dome covers a roughly hexagonal area
 some 650m in diameter which is filled with ruined superstructure and other various assorted oddities

Let's focus in. Click the images and walk about a little while. Acclimate; let this place sink in.

Having been the discoverer of other similar domes in various places in our solar system, the hexagonal
shape of this one comes as little surprise to me, being a known and practical hallmark of their builders.

I've superimposed machine straight lines for showing the overall general shape. Of course the actual shape
of this ruin does not comply precisely with these lines. This is to be expected of ancient destroyed and long
neglected structures anywhere, much less those exposed to the harshness of sun and space on a small body.

Let's take that visual aid a step further and try to artistically roll back a few eons on the scene.

Although I've seen this basic type structure on the Moon, Mars, even tiny Pluto- this one seems extraordinarily
preserved. One side of it appears to be mostly missing and buried over. Coverings are lying in heaps inside and
just off to the left below it, quite possibly the result of massive erosive structural collapse along its foundation...
or perhaps the incredible destruction of a long forgotten war in the heavens? 67P bears the mark of devastation

This is also the only extraplanetary domed ruin we've ever seen in gloriously detailed 20cm resolution!

Once again, click on these images and walk about a little while. Acclimate; let the details sink in well.
There is absolutely no way to even begin seeing all that's down there without familiarizing yourself first.

The entirety of the scene shown below is somewhere near 400m wide at this resolution. So much to see!

This incredible highly detailed wonder leaves little to the imagination. What we are looking at here is the
  remarkably preserved remaining interior infrastructure and collapsed cover. In full size it is quite a sight.
It was built on a scale very manageable to our species, the items within are not giant sized. Was this us?

(Image source:

Now comes the fun part: Let's dive in and find some curious little doo-dads and technical thingamabobs!


Geometry and structure everywhere




And now we see they also have a genuine interest in this feature (as we do). This is well borne out by the
 newest and perhaps greatest image taken of the dome yet, an even further oblique wide angle with a little
better lighting. The most intact terraces and structure of the former are now plainly seen in shocking detail.

 let's get a little closer in on all that layered interior structure.

So we add another ruined dome to the list of anomalous objects in our solar system.

Not far from the Dome I've discovered an odd little area that may pretty well be the game ender.
it displays nearly all the characteristics of collapsing ancient structural engineering that I look for.

I compared this with some very similar appearing ruins from our Chaco Canyon.
The results are surprising even to me, this place is almost unquestionably artificial.

The curiosities don't end there however

What would it be in the dead center of this image sticking straight out of the ground?

and what exactly is this V shape hanging on the edge of this cliff?

67P is one of the most anomalous things ever seen in the solar system. This is our Rendezvous with Rama
Perhaps it is also the key to unlocking our deepest Ambition, and turning science fiction into science fact

I encourage all to spend some time in these images, there is after all much more than would at first seem.



Osiris PDS data has released the full data versions of these images.
I've processed them and made a huge gigapan for intense exploration.

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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