Greater Cydonia:

The Happy Hunting Grounds

When most people speak of Cydonia they are referring mainly to the area in which the Face, D&M, and other previously noted objects of profoundly artificial origin
are so readily located. Though many would be constrained to think those are all this most magnificent location has to offer -as if Cydonia were some one trick pony-
not so with me; I happen to know the greater Cydonia metropolitan area is far far larger than that. The Face and D&M area is actually just one complex among many,
and the grouping of these anomalous complexes stretches for over 500 miles from east to west along the former Acidalian coastline, and on for literally hundreds of
miles out into the vanished Acidalian Ocean, with many of these complexes found on platforms; once probable islands in a sea long blasted and furiously sloshed away.

We are just now getting our first real looks into this area via the ultra wide angle and MOC resolution (+/- 6mpp res) CTX camera carried along with HiRise aboard MRO.

This wonderful mapping camera has finally shown us most of the entire area, so i decided to use it to go exploring previously unknown territory. I was not disappointed,
as I'm sure you won't be either; the things seen within are simply astounding, and plentiful. These are being used to target the entire area for further HiRise coverage, so
in the months and years from here on look forward to being able to see the nitty gritty dirt grains on these as the images are acquired, processed and published. For the time
 being, I'll let you see some of my target list so you can get a taste for the bounty I'll be bringing to our table in the very near future. This is truly the happy hunting grounds.

In all I noticed 105 possibly artificial structural remnants in the same or similar style as what is in Cydonia proper. Here are some of my favorites among them.


1.        2.         3. 


 4.      5.     6.     7. 


8.         9.


10.     11.     12.


 13.       14.       15.


  16.   17.  18.   19.


20.   21.   22.   23.


24.      25.     26.


Then along the same ocean's coasts but on the other sides of Mars we find more!


27.   28.   29.   30.


 31.    32.    33.   

So in conclusion we have pyramids, tetrahedrons, crushed arcologies and all other types of our favorite ruined civilization remnants scattered not only all along the 
Cydonia/Acidalia coastline, but this strangeness continues along this same coast around the entire planet. That these are all preserved so well is witness that unlike
the southern hemisphere of Mars, this side wasn't bombarded so badly and therefore must have been pointing away from planet V's explosion. They unfortunately weren't
protected from the resultant tidal waves however, so notice how (like the other Cydonian monuments) these are also damaged; and mainly on their North and East sides.

HiRise high res of these and more will be forthcoming.

one further note...

"There were stories about what happened..."
The Dark Side, the Jedi, it's all
-Han Solo

Barsoom is beautiful

Stay tuned....

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