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These are my takes on the wonderful images of that most spectacular of anomalies

Courtesy of the New Horizons spacecraft and mission team

As the craft approched, it was getting clearer that this place could be more than we ever dreamed

(Click all images for hi-res versions)

Pluto and Charon


closer still

We looked at them in false color, to discern surface variations

Then we get so close we could only catch Pluto or Charon in individual images

and we get to see a side of Pluto wilder than our imaginations,


which we were then told we wouldn't be seeing again.

That's understandable. The world does turn, it's 3 billion miles away, and we'd never seen any side of it to plan exactly what to see. In light of what's on the other side, I think we can live with that.


the large heart shaped area is named Tombaugh Reggio, in honor of Pluto's discoverer

and we finally got a fairly decent look at Charon

These images are spellbinding, captivating, magical, and most importantly, highly scientific

We look forward to more as they are delivered, because we want to get down to the nitty gritty details

like this

let us show you something. Something... wonderful

What did you think you'd see, and did you see it?

Want to see it even closer?

Come on down and dig around with us in this magnificent image

Pluto's Boneyard

We have a bit more of this image now

Next we have an image of a wonderful terrain, which sadly had been highly compressed, containing a high level of compression artifacts. I did my best to remove most of them without compromising too much of the detail by using DNR, it came out much better. Worth a look, there's even a hi res.

Another highly compressed image was the Charon closup
I took the liberty of cleaning some of them off as well

We also got nice little images of Pluto's moons Hydra and Nix. Though each a scant handful of pixels, a fair representation of their shapes and a couple of surface details can be seen.


Amazing what a little bit of filtering can do isn't it?

Let's see what happens when I put all the current hires surface imagery together

This is currently where we're at. We await new and better imagery without all the lossiness as time goes by, Hope you enjoyed this photographic journey to this strange and wonderful 'science-fiction" world. More of these fantastic images will be appearing here as they are released and I've detailed them.

Here is my stunning color version of the full disc.

Thanks for enjoying Pluto with us.

Once again , the New Horizons website-

Special thanks and congratulations to Dr. Alan Sterns and the entire team at JHUAPL, JPL, and NASA


Feel free to discuss this feature on The Hidden Mission Forum


The search continues....

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Keith Laney Productions™ © 2002-2015

All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved.


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