The Rime of Celestial Mariners
Tripping in Pluto's Boneyard with Lorri

There are marvelous tales untold, older than our race, older even than our world. These lie scattered through all of our proudest
planetary explorations, whispering at us to but open our eyes and see them; they infiltrate the dreams of our most creative of 
writers and artists, musing incomplete hints to an epic whole greater than any subset of its parts. Like shadows seen hauntingly
 through  an ever lightening glass, these visible clues, creative notions, and what may even be race memories increasingly hint of
things that were and are to come, staying always on that shaded, blind or blocked side of a collective subconscious which is quite
 possibly beyond the  reach of all but the most excellent and highly proffered tales. Popular culture is replete with such tales, Star
 Wars, Battlestar Galactica, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Foundation (to name a few and barely scratch the surface). These are perhaps 
telling us no more or less than easily digestible semi-truths, pieces of a larger even more fantastic tale, made more horrifyingly true
because it is our history. Such history as this not indelibly recorded becomes our legend, myth, fiction, maybe even religion; so also 
does that which was incredibly tragic and is thus necessarily being dribbled into our psyche slowly for lessened sociological impact.

Anyone listening to or reading us for any length of time is aware that based on myriad findings from probes of nearly every body
 in this system as yet explored, we propose a former solar system wide highly advanced civilization of beings who, if they were not us,
were surely our ancestors and whom we believe strongly were destroyed via some type of as yet unknown system wide catastrophe.
While we do not yet definitively know the whos hows whys or whens, we do have the where's and stunning pictures of the aftermath
 left on Pluto thanks to the wonderful LORRI camera plus the tireless efforts of Dr. Alan Stern and the New Horizons mission team.

Let's see some pretty pictures of the type which whisper in ears and haunt dreams in the exact manner mentioned above.
These images are processed to be  big, clear, and beautiful. Though few at present, we will be getting more as time goes on.

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3.    4.

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Numbered Study images


The numbered areas on the image above are detailed

Rime of Celestial Mariners II


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"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Stay tuned.....

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