A light through THE Darkness

"the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not"


New Horizons has captured a stunning and remarkable image as it continued on the way past Pluto, 15 minutes after making closest approach to the surface.
In this one, the spacecraft is looking backwards across the magnificent area it had just passed over  into the Sun, which is out of the top edge near upper right.
Quite a breathtaking vista. The atmosphere is hazy as the sun streams through, illuminating the curiously jumbled terrain and ice plain below with a distant yet
penetrating  light, revealing many amazing curiosities which may never have been noticed at all had such a unique, thoughtful image capture not been executed.

We can thank all of this and the much  more to come directly  to the herculean efforts of Dr. Alan Stern and the New Horizons mission team, whose dedication to and
 precise execution of both this mission and the quick dissemination of its findings are a model and have raised the bar to which all future NASA missions should aspire.

Keep them coming Sir!

 There are many large and anomalous structures to be seen along New Horizons' flight path, not only in this image of Norgay Montes but along the entire coastal area   
 of the ice ocean we know as Sputnik Planum. They stretch from here past the Hillary Montes  all the way down to the "Dark Areas." I call these places  Pluto's Boneyard,
and Arcology Row. During my  personal observation of these structures I have come to the  conclusion that they  might possibly be the destroyed titanic archaeological   
 remnants of a former highly advanced  technological civilization which once built structures of like size, shape, and design all across the solar system in an
unknown past.

This particularly wonderful scene does nothing to dispel that notion; contrarily, it actually reinforces it. Let's look at the image, perhaps you'll  come to see
what I mean, and if not, at the least you've had the privilege of viewing the most incredible images ever of an absolutely exceptional and most distant planet.



That the location is painfully beautiful goes without saying; it is; so much so you could say it is  heart rending. This is for no mean reason. I sincerely hope you took your time
 looking at the larger version of the above image, because it is big, highly detailed and quite a thing to wrap one's head around. A quick perusal simply is not adequate time
  for much of this detail to set into your minds eye until the natural pattern recognition inherent in all humans starts working and grasps the enormity of what it is showing us.

This is a magnificently beautiful destruction, spread wide open before us like a newly discovered ancient crime scene heretofore untouched, all evidence un-tampered
  with except by the hand of time. A mutilated corpse on our autopsy table, lain out for forensic investigation and backlit by an extraordinarily penetrating and eerily

revealing  light which pierces through the darkness within. The origin of its demise is quite  unknown, evidenced only by the wounds inflicted upon it by its destroyers.

 On this page I'm putting forth  the idea that we're looking at a graveyard: piles of bones, rubble, technological debris and  crumbling gargantuan constructs of a type almost
frighteningly unbelievable,  even to our present day highly desensitized multi-generational  level of post-Brookings report social and cultural extraterrestrial conditioning.

To orientate us, the next thing I'll be displaying  is a footprint map of the view shown in this photo, made with images taken on approach from nearly the opposite direction.
The map image is superb in its own right, and shows these same features in a different context and lighting. It is very useful for comparing items to its counterpart above.


Is it such a strange, foreign, or outlandish notion to assume such ideas while viewing this extraordinary planetary imagery? I think not at all. Once you discard entirely
 xenophobic notions on the impossibility of  civilizations older or more advanced than our own, then perish the anachronistic and foolish thoughts that we are the crown
of creation and only ones ever to reach for the stars they become not only possible, but probable. We are assuredly not, not in our galaxy, not even in our own solar system.
Does not every forward looking individual know that our popular culture has anticipated and prepared us for a time such as this, and for the raw ramifications inherent?

Since there is so much to be seen down here, I've prepared a copy of the  backlit image arranged next to the map image and numbered it for orientation and identification of objects


Let's see what this light shining through the darkness reveals. Quietly and with reverence please, we are looking on the remains of the once living, and they are family.

The image is huge, the amount of things on it are numerous, too much to sink in at one time, so  I'll break it down into sectionals with details.

*Click on the sectional numbers in the image below to open up details pages*

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"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Stay tuned.....

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