A light through THE Darkness

"the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not"

Section 1 Details

These are the things that were being called the '14,000 ft. 'ice mountains". We first noticed them in the very first of the images New Horizons returned during closest approach. On the right
  is what they look like from a little further away and the other direction. While observing these structures I noticed something extremely curious that would totally change the way I would
think about them forever. Between the two large 'mountains', dead in the center of the left image, deep in the shadow thrown by the '14,000 ft. mountains' there is a little area that you can
clearly see is lit as if by a spotlight The only way this could be happening is if light was somehow coming through them. Were these ice mountains, or mountains at all, that would be impossible.

You simply cannot expect feeble light from the sun, some 39 AU or  roughly 3.5 BILLION miles away to shine through ice or rock.




What we are seeing is a group of 3 arcologies in differing states of degradation, with various assorted ancillary structures all about, and light is not only shining through them as in the spot lit
 area, but they are glowing with a translucence, You can see the pattern of the refractions and shadowboxed structures inside being projected onto the back walls  and faintly glowing in the dark .

I've annotated the image to highlight some of the oddities I'm referring to, and their descriptions are below



1.  A set of nested  arcologies.  A spot of light is shining through the shadow and onto the surface through the arcology behind it. The back wall of this arcology  is softly illuminated
by light passing through sun facing opposite wall, projecting shadows and light areas onto it. Far left  edge of same structure is also allowing light to shine through  a large crack and is internally illuminated in same manner as back wall. Top of tallest arcology cone shaped with hole in top, one directly beside it is open with structural members protruding out of the opening. It has a cellular contraction seen faintly in the backlight.

2. Extensively damaged arcology, collapsed and  shaded wall displays a ragged hole with structural members protruding. Far left edge is broken and cracked, also displaying exposed
structural elements.  Very little light is diffusing through to the back,  most likely  being blocked within by collapsed material- light is passing through  layer of covering above the #2

3.  This is a smaller rectangular building with a triangular spire on one end.. It is the brightest object in the entire image, possibly self illuminant. Also seen on the map image.

4. linear debris similar in shape to the jumbles which can be seen in the diffuse light of the  damaged wall behind and over it. This appears to be debris from  #2's collapse

5. Curious stepped structure with pedestal shape on top through which are 2 holes that are allowing light to pass.

6. Two small semi-translucent nested domes  set in an area replete with right angles, box shaped walls and jumbled debris, so much light passing through these they hardly cast a shadow

7.  3 cylindrical shapes with objects protruding from their tops casting odd shadows. These could possibly be smaller arcologies in very good shape.  Suggestive of spacecraft.

8 .Highly organized area with multiple layers, alike to #4 but not nearly as jumbled

9. Spoked wheel shape with protuberance, situated in a hole.



 Artistic impression by Andrew Currie

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