A light through THE Darkness

"the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not"

Section 2 Details

This particular area is simply jaw dropping. Unlike the huge arcologies we were just looking at on the Section 1 page, this is a group of smaller, more defined domes,
 clustered and nested together in the rough overall shape of a diamond. As you're probably noticing, there is an incredibly tremendous amount of detail within the area as well
as on the arcologies themselves. These average between 3 to 8 thousand feet, but there are also numerous smaller ancillary structures and areas of highly geometric organization.
  Unlike the Section 1 objects, there is no ambiguity here,  so much light is diffusing through these that they barely cast any shadow, and the shadowbox effect of light streaming through
 their  sunny sides reveals observable translucency and hints of complex structure within.  In appearance the broken tops of these coverings and their exposed structural members have a
 cellular appearance, somewhat like Fuller geodesics. Some of these domes are broken open and in more advanced states of decay, revealing linear walls and underlying infrastructure.



I've annotated the image to highlight some of the architectures I'm referring to;  their descriptions follow below



1. This  highly reflective stepped and faceted object with a triangular top is both illuminated by and  has light passing through two places under it, there is another similar to it on the right.

2. The conical dome over the #2 is in relatively decent shape. light is diffusing through it and the shadow behind it is weak; faintly revealing cellular  elements and shadow boxing of  things 
 within, allowing  us to see a two tiered row of openings along its contact with the surface on the lower left edge.  The  top is open in a couple small places, perhaps due to internal corrosion.

3. With  a diversion from the conical dome type, this one is more button shaped-  like a large hemispherical cover sitting over a smaller base, its appearance similar to our covered stadiums  
only more alike in size  to the Galactic  Senate building on Coruscant (If you've seen it on Star Wars) The top of this building has suffered a tremendous break, which runs  from left to right.
Structural elements are visible in and around the shattered top. It also casts a very weak shadow due to diffusion. Along the bottom of the base openings similar to those on #2 can be seen.

4.  An excellent example of collapse on some of these objects. The #4 sits  in the middle of a collapse depression on an adjoining building, below this collapse
there are tiers of cellular openings similar to #2. On the right of the #4 the top of the dome is gone, and we are seeing structural elements within sticking out.

5. This one is perhaps the most remarkable in Section 2. What we are looking at is a large conical arcology literally surrounded by smaller hemispherical structures  of a highly translucent 
nature and cellular constructive elements. I count four from left to right. The two furthest to the left and right are out of the shadow of the main dome and light is shining through them,
The left of the two in the middle sits partially in light, partially in shadow, and where the light hits it, it shines through, where in shadow you can see a translucent backlit glow.  The one at 
center right is more like a connected domed opening into the main central cone, having a two tiered opening above which is an arched set of 4 more openings. The central dome is
highly  translucent, especially on the left side. The center of this cone is broken open and there are rays of light shining through a hole in the sun facing side of the broken covering.

6. Open topped walls and interior spaces abound in this destroyed structure. directly to the left there is 5 spoked circular object connected to another partially open top button  dome similar
  to the one shown on #3- not cracked fully, but missing most of the cover on the back side, showing interior cellular structures and light diffusion. Above that is another open top walled ruin.
Left of the #6 about an inch there is a round feature that has six holes around it, surrounding a central hole, like the magazine on a revolver.

7. - 8.  These two arcologies on nearly opposite sides of the square area are so similar they could be the same model. They are elongated ovals and both bear very similar breaches on their
tops. They both display fairly complete coverings. Both sit in direct sunlight and have very pale shadows. Like many of the others, the light diffusing and passing through them both lights 
and shadowboxes their contents on their back walls.

9.  Two extremely elongated ovals, one behind the other. The one in front is the more intact of the two, the one behind is obviously missing a good portion of its crown and it has a large hole in 
the center instead. At the right end of these there is a platformed area with a spherical shape on it, below that are jumbled linear areas also related to #6.  Backlit structure is seen within as well.

10. Elongated oval arcology nested into conical dome. Note on the back of the oval the different levels of light penetrating through its insides. Conical dome missing large parts of sidewalls


Artistic impression by Andrew Currie

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