A light through THE Darkness

"the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not"

Section 3 Details

Section 3 is going to need a little extra attention, because so far we've not come across anything like it. A one word description for it? Busy. Highly organized repeating
geometry all over the surface plus the biggest mostly intact glowing arcology yet; ~12,000 ft. tall and holding a secret bigger than itself.  That's where the extra attention part comes in,
 because what I'm referring to is easy to miss among all the other incredible things seen in this view. There was another one even bigger right beside it, almost totally collapsed now. only the
bare stumps of its outer protective covering sticking up here and there over jumbled interior remains. This gives us a look inside -albeit from a  distance- at a tragedy nearly beyond imagination.
For all that gravity, it is still but another horrifying tale among many in the  unfolding story of a tiny little world on the edge of forever, one holding secrets about us we really ought to be knowing.




I've annotated the image to highlight some of the oddities I'm referring to, and their descriptions are below



1. The back of the "12,000 ft." arcology displays an amazing lack of shadow, with gossamer lighting randomly half illuminating the shadows directly behind it. This is due to the visually obvious; it is
aglow with the luminance of sunlight passing into it from the brightly lit other side. Where it tapers to the surface on either side this effect is all the more blatant. Viewing the back surface on this
fantastic ancient technological monolith is like peering darkly through a glass onto a projector screen; shadows and structures of things inside, there but beyond our present vision to comprehend fully.
It surely hints to me of the translucent shapes of many tall buildings within, a "city under glass". The imagination fails when  contemplating  the tragic beautiful grandeur and high technology inside.

2.  Highly organized area, repeating rectilinear geometry of coastal structures, tied together by  a road which snakes up from the organized areas and runs a circuit along the bases of all three
 arcologies above it.  That is called logistical infrastructure. Note that as it approaches  the half shadowed area under the domes it breaks up in  different directions towards other small structures

3. This pup-tent shaped pyramidal  arcology sits on a small promontory into the ice field. Most of the top of its shielding is intact, but a lot of it is missing along the edge where it contacts the ground.
This would make the giant decaying covering a literal Sword of Damocles, sitting there supported by whatever small amount of any corroding structural supports are left, one day to collapse in on itself.

4. A remarkably obvious tapering cylindrical arcology, with an opening in the front that connects to #3. We can clearly see light penetration and diffusion of the type seen now commonly on
most of these, and rightly so; that was the very purpose of this image to begin with. We also see two ragged gaping holes on the top. The back end of this arcology is also attached to #1

5. A tetrahedral arcology. This is quite apparent in both this and the map image above (lower right, big pyramid) this sits at the left end of the vast and fully collapsed arcology behind #1 (#6-7)
Like many other of the arcologies we've viewed, they usually have some sort of ancillary construct built onto them, as this does A good bit of rubble from the big collapsed one surrounds it at rear.

6-7 This is the most tragic story of the entire section. Starting about an inch to the right of #5, keep going right past #6, then keep going out to #7. That entire area between the 12,000 ft. arcology
below it to the truncated rectangular building (#8) above it is the remains of an arcology large enough to have fit #1 neatly inside. All that's left of its covering are various jagged root stubbles,
one of which is located just to the left of #6 about 1/2 inch. You can follow it from there to the right around the curvature (not much left, but it's there) until you reach the right end of the ruin near #7.
From there you can continue left along the bright far edge. which is the covering's stubble on the other side, seen well in the map image but only on edge perspective here.  inside the interior all along
its length there are ruined structures buried in collapse Note the interior structures at #6. What a mess, how sad to have been inside at the moment of it's demise. If not for the map image above
being taken from the other direction and showing the complete outline and jumbled interior this might not have been noticed. under 7 along the coastal contact you can see compartmental and cellular
openings into its underside. From the view inside you can tell that not only were these built tall, they are built deep as well. What technology did these people have to be able to build such things?

8. Large truncated and terraced rectangular building with multiple layers, buttresses, and openings- most likely the ancillary construction for the large collapsed arcology directly under it

     9. Compartmentalized and cellular linear construction on object beside tetrahedral pyramid. Two tiers of big arched opening stacked off center connected to jagged building to left. Highly diffusive.



Artistic impression by Andrew Currie


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