A light through THE Darkness

"the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not"

Section 4 Details

A little further along out in the scene, the view gets a little fuzzier, but still what we see through this is worthy of a second, third and fourth look..
Reminds me of the Avenue of the Dead in Teotihuacan, only much grander in every way imaginable. Welcome to the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
Were we close enough to get a really good view, this area might have been the most stunningly revealing yet. Just along the two rows of structures
there are no less than 12 pyramidal shapes, some crumbling, some fairly intact, all broken and abandoned, shadows of a catastrophic hidden past.




 I've annotated the image to highlight some of the oddities I'm referring to and their descriptions are below



1. Just to the right of the #1 is a  large truncated and terraced rectangular building with multiple layers, buttresses, and openings- most likely the ancillary construction for the 
large collapsed arcology directly under it just out of frame (#8 on Section 3 Details)

2. from left of 2 going clockwise- 2 small pyramidal shapes, arched building  with spaced openings, raised platform  with circle on top

3. Two more pyramidals on left and right of 3.  One on left has cleft under it

4. Grouping of pyramidals in various states of disarray, entire front row facing coast shows damage exceeding row behind them

5. Large steep sided V shaped arcology with angled sides and open top (seen prominently on map image above)

6. Grouping of small arcologies and shattered linear constructions (prominent on far right in map image)

7. Two huge pyramidal arcologies seen best on map image, this oblique view gives an interesting look at them that differs somewhat from the overhead view.


Artistic impression by Andrew Currie


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