A light through THE Darkness

"the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not"

Section 5 Details

Further out still, we see the silhouettes of tremendous shapes in the distance..  This is looking far along down Arcology Row, as far to the
horizon as Pluto's curvature allows. I've numbered them on both corresponding images for identification (Remember, these opposite views)



Since we are looking so far out along the horizon, we might as well continue the far vista approach by viewing a couple things I noticed on the Wide image

This next little area is far out, literally and figuratively. There's a large recessed round area of curious geometric shapes at image bottom,, then there are great huge squarish
structures with slanted angles at image left, and then all the way out along the limb there is a line of objects rivaling the skyline of  our own cities, we've been calling it Trantor


I brought us in a little closer. to the horizon, we need to see this


Another little area I noted was this group of angular buildings, one with 4 arched openings, and a surrounding wall



You may have noticed a color version of the image used on the details pages, you can find it HERE

You may have noticed a color map image used on the details pages, you can find it HERE

Artistic impression by Andrew Currie


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