The Dark Areas

Arcology Row: Images of the Incredible

"It's Complicated"

We anxiously awaited new Pluto images from New Horizons.

We were not disappointed. Although these new images are still not the highest resolution we'll be seeing as time goes by and
  more & better images come in, we were nevertheless shown two brand new and intriguing areas. The one we'll be focusing
 in on here is being called the Dark Areas, this was not named by me, but it's very fitting; and on the image file name itself.

 I prefer Arcology Row.


Since we are already speculating quite broadly as to what these may be, I may as well go several steps further and tell you what lies in my   
wildest dreams and speculations about not only this place, but many others that are apparently very much like it throughout our solar system
You see, I never have much believed in an ancient alien origin. Every depiction I've ever seen of one, whether it was wearing a animal's head, eagles wings, a fish suit,
or sitting in a vimaana or flying dragon, they all looked pretty human to me. I do however believe in ancient astronauts. I think WE were the ancient astronauts and gods.

I surmise that these things, these huge cracked and broken shells used to be filled with living beings, were built by us, and that we just so happen to
 be unfortunate; In about the time it takes for us to climb up out of the caves and onto to the planets there comes some natural or self-caused cataclysm
 that puts us right back in the caves. We always grasp for the stars, but never quite reach them, and as highly as we ascended, back to the caves we fall.

We saw Pluto's boneyard, studied remnants of the future past, and we've pondered record of a past unknown, but this looks like all the above and
more; like Pluto's graveyard. So mysterious, so exquisitely sad, so gloriously majestic and ironically tragic. We now know, though filtered through
 the catalyzing effects of eons of collective human amnesia, what it feels like to gaze down upon our own past extermination.The extinguished lives
of millions upon millions, perhaps more, imagine trillions of us pulverized into that chaotically jumbled and tachnical mess of frozen terrain with the
  half to totally shattered habitats and geometric ruins that look every bit as though a giant tidal wave from the frozen sea next to it rose up, devoured it and
left it its bones lying scattered in huge heaps over against the basin edge behind it and which so many will piquantly gaze upon in wonder and not even see.

 We must pay them the ultimate respect by revealing their story, not letting them be forgotten or stay so beyond the pall of classical science so as to be unnoticed.


That said, let's look at them.


I call this Arcology Row because these things are lined up along the frozen shore like super resorts on a strange beach.




Within the large image above these details can be found. This shore was lined with structures.



Here I've detailed some of them individually


1      2 


These two items above fit the criteria for archaeological remnants as seen from the air very well




Astonishing! And then we have the MOTHER of All Arcologies




This one is huge, and the geometry of its ruin is obvious about it. Flanking it are smaller ones, better preserved. The big one was
burst asunder and looks terribly akin to the other proposed ruined arcologies not only here on Pluto but on Ceres, and..the Moon!


Better images now in capture a large portion of the Dark Area, but unfortunately missed the item above. They did catch most of Arcology Row.



Let's look at what we get to see of Arcology Row closer than ever



And we got a much better look into the Dark Area. What is in all that huge pile of mess?



And then we get a look into a very odd crater with incredibly anomalous shapes in its center



Once again, a special and heartfelt thanks goes out to Dr. Alan Stern and the entire New Horizons team

keep these remarkable images coming!


Stay tuned...


Ceres of Anomalies

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Stay tuned.....

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