Coppermasters: Works of Distinction


 Coppermasters expertise lies in Custom Copper and metals, We are turret, radius roofing, bay, dormer, range hood, copper gutter (half round and K-style) chimney cap, finial, and interior/exterior accent experts. No one in the Charlotte metropolitan area can touch my quality standards, and we meet or exceed all NC codes.

 I pride myself on being one of the most highly requested custom copper and metal roofing application specialists in the entire Charlotte metropolitan area, and am blessed that my completed work portfolio reads like a who's who list of corporate leaders, professional athletes, and NASCAR stars; You don't have to be any of those to own your own custom copper or metal work because my prices are affordable. We use only the highest quality 16oz Revere Copper, and top graded other metals because you require the very best.
If you would like to enjoy this quality level of artful workmanship on your building projects please feel free to contact me.

 Click on the images to see larger versions of my craft.

Turrets Caps and radius




Other Metal Roofing (steel and aluminum)



Custom Copper Roofing and Bays, Clad Dormers, Cupolas, Custom Copper Gutter





Custom Copper and Zinc Accents, Range Hoods

The Craftsmanship of our experienced Artisans is unmatched. Our designs, custom patinas and hand beaten finishes are unique.

Every piece we do is treated for what it is- Art. We love creating these beauties as well as you will enjoy one in your home.





Custom Copper Gutters-
There is no more classy way to get the water off your dream home.


Custom Chimney Caps-  Cover the topmost part of your house and protect your chimneys with our award winning fully functional
old world style shrouds and chimney caps. Any design you can think of.





Custom Finials and Coins- We can make anything you wish to beautify your dream house design.


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