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  Quantum consciousness
Posted by: letosvet - 07-25-2021, 05:42 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (1)

Quantum computing is the key to everything.  Ninja

Can consciousness be explained by quantum physics? Research takes us a step closer to finding out

Can consciousness be explained by quantum physics? My research takes us a step closer to finding out (theconversation.com)

Our brains are composed of cells called neurons, and their combined activity is believed to generate consciousness. Each neuron contains microtubules, which transport substances to different parts of the cell. The Penrose-Hameroff theory of quantum consciousness argues that microtubules are structured in a fractal pattern which would enable quantum processes to occur.

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  The Hubble Telescope Has Been Offline for Weeks and NASA Doesn’t Know Why
Posted by: bill - 07-04-2021, 06:00 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (1)


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Thumbs Up Barbecue your grass
Posted by: letosvet - 07-01-2021, 12:30 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (2)

An affordable lab system that uses grass blades to turn cells into cultured meat has been developed at the University of Bath.

From meadow to plate: The cultured meat that replaces animals with grass (medicalxpress.com)


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  The heat.
Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 06-27-2021, 05:36 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (12)

It's coming.
They say Portland will see the highest, most prolonged temperatures in it's history. Seattle may as well.
I guess we'll have to check back with V on that one.
Salem, Or and Portland are forecast to see temps at 115*
We're to be in the high 90*s here in E Idaho.

Wheeled out the Generac 5000 and getting the power cable ready to hook to the house. Filling up all my gas cans, the vehicles.
It will run the whole house with everything turned on at once as we tested it, but if a Black-Out happens, won't run anything but ACs, living room lights and TV, freezer and Frig.
Good luck to all in the West!

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  Of Covid and Neanderthals
Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 06-08-2021, 09:51 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (2)

I think the research that is finally confirming Covid being made in the lab in China, needs only be applied to the DNA of Neanderthals to reveal that they too were man made by science, but thousands of years ago, and by the Antediluvian culture.
We now have the ability to to confirm it as well, but being so far out of the mainstream paradigm, it will not be done in my lifetime I fear.
It will confirm it, of this I have no doubt. No doubt at all.
If only it were as simple as a pregnancy test, we'd be relearning history today.

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  MIT Engineers Have Discovered a Completely New Way of Generating Electricity
Posted by: Keith - 06-08-2021, 12:02 AM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (1)


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  Of UFOs, Ghosts, and Sasquatch.
Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 06-07-2021, 05:00 PM - Forum: Hidden Mission Review - Replies (15)

I am sure I've posted here on this subject before,
UFOs are aliens.
Sasquatch is alien. 
Ghosts are Aliens, not the spirits of deceased people. 
But none of these originated here. None are benign. They are Alien in the truest sense of the word. And they are virtually interchangeable according to need and mission.
They are all aliens as I have said before, but not entities from distant planets.
The phenomena of these creatures is all the exact same in essentials, and it always has been.

Of Ghosts and Aliens (UFOs) I have been certain for close to 60 years, but only about 38 years ago when the wife and I heard 'THE ROAR' at the foot of Mt Shasta did I know that Sasquatch was one and the same with the others, for after that I KNEW no flesh and blood creature could author such a trump. They are all interdimensional entities.
Now the connection shared by all these creatures is beginning to be understood.

They are the 'Fallen Ones', and now the revelation they have been working toward for millennia is at our very doorstep

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  Ryugu Spins!
Posted by: Keith - 06-05-2021, 08:03 PM - Forum: Hidden Mission Review - Replies (4)

Did this neat little video with the Ryugu raw data

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Photo Satellite Energy Artifacts Caught On Camera
Posted by: bill - 06-01-2021, 12:40 PM - Forum: Anomalous Herald News - No Replies

The reason these were visible is because of the thin particulate plasma they were blasting through...usually this goes on all day every day in mind control attacks across america, and they are not visible. Possibly same microwave orbital platforms creating crop circles to make everyone think aliens are doing it, when its just royalty, doing what they do best, attacking people by any means possible, restricting liberty of all kinds. This country was created to abolish royalty, and the majority worships a lord now, hows that for mind control, eh? And not even electronic mind control! Not to mention all the lawyers being members of royalty, esquire is a title of royalty. YOU HAVE BEEN HANDLED.

Bernard Eastlund, Inventor of HAARP (High Frequency Active AURORAL Research program), from his Patent # 4,686,605 “...This invention relates to a method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region normally existing above the Earth’s surface...by initially transmitting electromagnetic radiation from the Earth’s surface... ...By altering solar absorption...weather modification is possible... for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device...A moving plume could also serve as a means for focusing a vast amount of sunlight on selected portions of the Earth...HIGH INTENSITY, WELL CONTROLLED ELECTRICAL FIELDS CAN BE PROVIDED IN SELECTED LOCATIONS FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES... advanced eavesdropping....

Chemical Aurora Keyhole Surveillance
“.....The morning messages from Langley Operations Center highlighting occurrences overnight came in a separate folder. Another folder contained the embassy and station reports routed for his (CIA Director Casey) attention. He received a nice crisp copy of the beautifully printed Presidents Daily Brief (PDB), ten pages of the best intelligence that went each morning to Reagan, Haig, and Weinberger. The National Intelligence Daily (NID), a less sensitive but none-the-less Top Secret code word document was circulated to hundreds in the government -- and Casey. Occasional blue-border human source reports were hand carried to him throughout the day. Big red folders marked TOP SECRET TALENT KEYHOLE -- the code words for overhead surveillance -- arrived, containing reports of satellite and other reconnaissance photography...”
VEIL: The Secret Wars Of The CIA
Bob Woodward

pictures here: https://electronicmindcontrolinamerica.b...aught.html

tried to upload or link to the pix but it wouldn't work....this collection is worth viewing....notice the one with the sprayed line, a lot of sprayed chemtrail lines are used as beacon to target things on the ground with satellites...and the dissipating trails are too....this is an international attack on america, nad has created the worst drought in the west in a long long time....b

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  Site is not shown in the normal way
Posted by: The Watcher - 06-01-2021, 04:34 AM - Forum: thehiddenmission.com/KeithLaney.net Site Discussion - Replies (8)

for the last couple of days the site has been loading in a strange fashion for me. Everything is mixed up, is it the same for you as well?

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