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The Great Pyramid

Part 2
The Square Root Two Cubits and associated dynamics.

Be sure to review my previous post on the Square Root Two cubits,
for preceding processes and definitions.
Important introductory info there,
on the pure square root cubits:
and how the relate to:
Ancient Square Root Two Whip

In this post I will try to blend old material in to offer some color,
to the sometimes tedious nature of defining cubits.
A couple of my oldest designs are resurrected for this post.

Image 1: is a direct follow up from the previous post on the Square Root Two cubits,
and Ancient Square Root Two.

Image 1: 
Pyramid Height Dynamics reveal ancient Egyptian calendar count dynamics,
for the Mars and Jupiter synod.

The two pure square root two cubits, 
are defined together,
by equaling -- square root 8 -- the "electron spin" tetrahedral angle tangent.

Cubit 20.61923374~ extrapolates from the 243 day Venus Rotational Day value: 243

Cubit 20.62394778~ extrapolates from the Khafre pyramid sacred seked: 5.25

Ancient Calendar Count,
Mars and Jupiter synod: 816.48 days

81648 =  100  Mars -- Jupiter synods {calendar count} =  226.8 x 360

81648 =  108 x 756 Khufu Pyramid base length = 336 x 243 Venus Rotational Day 

21st century data:
816.435 days

The two Ancient Square Root Two fractions,
are displayed,
with their respective cubit generated -- Pyramid Heights.

The modern pure square root two cubit 20.61923374~,
is also shown with it's respective cubit generated height.

All three pyramid heights are aligned,
with ancient astronomical observational and sacred geometry intent, 
to the ancient calendar count Mars - Jupiter synod -- 100 synods = 81648 days.

image below has been updated with fresher content,
specifically the cubits setting the pyramid heights are defined with relevant equations.

[Image: Oy8cDlt.jpg]


2008-2009 image with updates.
Image 2:
The -- 2 x 2 x 2  Pyramid -- created from a 2D tetrahedral grid.
{2 units high, with a base of 2 x 2 units}

The Pentad Octagon replicating tile,
was my creation using the Tetrahedral Pentad,
representing tetrahedral geometry and the positions of the Cydonia Mounds on Mars.
{Dr. Horace Crater UTSI} -- Mounds of Cydonia 

The Tetrahedral Pentad: 
is the five sided figure in the bottom left quadrant of the Octagon, 
which circumscribes the interior five pointed star.
Each of the five points is the position of a mound in Cydonia Mars,
located just a few kilometers from The Face. 
Regardless of the mounds on Mars,
it is a tetrahedral Pentad defined by square root 2 geometry.

All the dotted line rectangles seen in the Octagon,
are -- square root two rectangles --
that will replicate the octagon to infinity -- as a replicating tile.

The Octagon is now set on it's side to present the inner parallelogram.
The interior parallelogram,
is now at the desired position for the transfer,
of the 2D octagonal grid into 3D geometry. 

The parallelogram is duplicated.
The duplicate parallelogram is now cross sected into the original one,
at 90 degrees,
through the vertical axis.

The square base of the pyramid is formed,
and shown to the right of the above duplication and cross section process.
That square base cross sects through the horizontal axis,
and the end points are connected as shown in the diagram of the base.

So actually TWO pyramids are formed -- base to base -- by the cross section process.

At the bottom of the image,
are the cross secting isosceles triangles,
formed by the:
Side Face Angles and the Corner Angles of the -- 2 x 2 x 2 pyramid. 

The Corner Angles are pure tetrahedral,
and the 70.52877937~ degree Full Apex Angle is the "electron spin angle"  {Dr. Horace Crater UTSI}

And the Side Face Angles,
produce the Khafre Pyramid Side Face Angle -- as the Full Apex Angle of the pyramid.
The progenitor of inverse phi and phi angles are found with this isosceles triangle.

Angle aa = arctangent 2,
which subdivides,
into two equal angles of -- arctan {1 / phi}.

The simple 2 x 2 x 2 pyramid has a beautiful complexity of important angles to be found within.

[Image: q20vPq3.jpg]


2008-2009 image, hand drawn with later added color computer lines
Image 3:
This is the beginning of the replicating tile series,
with the Pentad Octagon.
The individual tiles attach and replicate to infinity, 
creating an infinite variety of polygonal forms in tetrahedral geometry.

In this image,
FOUR Octagons are assembled,
and the Pentad Hexagon Whip
 is revealed wiithin the center of the tetrahedral infrastructure.

[Image: 4UbH2dZ.jpg]


2008-2009 image, hand drawn 
Image 4:
A cube is created with each flat face -- 2 x 2  units Whip

The 2 x 2 x 2 Pyramid is then attached to each Face of the Cube <---
The 6 pointed star is thus formed.
The electron spin angles,
and the Khafre Pyramid side face angles,
are all present as the Full Apex Angles of the attcahed pyramids. 

Pay no attention to the "acoustic Lol resonance" in the title.
That was 2008 or 2009.

[Image: 1ppzlrO.jpg]



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