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Perseverance Rover
HP Lovecraft is speaking to Bostrom...

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think,
is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." 

Uhoh SpidereekA

The 85 million dollar bug is going to try to fly.

Quote:NASA is targeting no earlier than Sunday, April 11, 
for Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s first attempt at powered, 
controlled flight on another planet. 
To mark a month of Ingenuity flights, the agency will host several events to bring people along for the ride.

A livestream confirming Ingenuity’s first flight 

is targeted to begin around 3:30 a.m. EDT Monday, April 12, on NASA Television, 
the NASA app, and the agency’s website, 
and will livestream on multiple agency social media platforms, 
including the JPL YouTube and Facebook channels.

Just a few days away.
It had better fly.
A Mole hole disappointment is not allowed Whip 

And not just a lift off a few feet off the ground and a touch down.

Fly, and take images from 100 yards away and more.
Good luck NASA.
Justify that 85 million $ expenditure.

The big buildup and countdown to lift off of the 4 lb. helicopter.
Loft off is scheduled for Sunday.

Mars helicopter Ingenuity unlocks its rotor blades
to prepare for 1st flight on Red Planet

Quote:If Ingenuity's -- Sunday sortie -- is successful, 
it will be the first powered, guided flight on another planet.

"The blades of glory Rofl 
aka rotor blades,
of the #MarsHelicopter, 
have been unlocked and are ready for testing,"  (April 8). 

"Next, we'll do a slow-speed spin-up of the blades for the first time on the Martian surface."

Unlocked blades and the solar panel on the 'copter

[Image: D5UcziKijzqZPngeAwDDqD-970-80.jpg]

Quote:Unlocking and testing Ingenuity's blades 
mark the last major milestones before the helicopter attempts to fly. 

NASA officials have said they will test the blades first at 50, 
and then at 2,400 revolutions per minute, 
before the helicopter attempts to fly.

It had better fly.
85 million dollars.
Might be the most expensive drone in modern history.
Other side of Midnight as usual.

Bob..CIA=FRACK U #GarfieldsGargoylesGaggingGarglingGrotuesqeGallingGestapo
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Well, I hope the copter works and we see any images taken immediately. It's not only an opportunity to show the American spirit of exploration of other planets, but also to gain an aerial insight into some of the local curiosities surrounding the main spacecraft and to be a pathfinder, in the tradition of Vikings, for boldly examining a new world. Ummm, and LOL, who did I forget ?
In any case, there is plenty to see at this newest debris field ..... I mean, landing site !
Why not fly around Mars with ballon-like equipment... cheap and reliable.

Of course i am not specialist if some type of balloon would be able to fly there.

Add some propellers aswell... hmm

Quote:Why not fly around Mars with balloon like equipment... cheap and reliable.

Of course I am not specialist if some type of balloon would be able to fly there.

Add some propellers as well... hmm

Many of the mission projects are a competition between sectors of existing space science entities,
for funding -- 
itza 'bout da -- m$o$n$e$y -- distribution.

Funding wars and special interests swallowing up the available financing

This is why NASA space mission projects end up with The Mole Whip 

As far as I am concerned,
the Mole was meant to fail, 
because NASA knew well that the possibility of failure,
in the Martian Duracrust was likely enough ... but they ignored that anyways.

Special Interests swallowing up the available financing

We saw this all too well with the Pluto mission and New Horizon.
Special interests commandeered the mission away from Pluto,
while primarily advertising it as a mission to Pluto. 
They did the Fly  Hi  Bye,
and went to an ice booger in the Kuiper belt instead. 
Now the spacecraft is flying into that sector of space ... with no real explanation of what it is doing.

This is where NASA lies to the public and hides the true purpose of the mission.  

What are they looking for now out there?
Planet Nine Ten evidence? 
and other objectives they will not share -- because -- 
the public which pays the funding,
is relegated to the "do not need to know" sector.

With this mission, NASA looks for "evidence of ancient life"
which right there is the whole problem.
NASA avoids at all costs:
looking for existing life on Mars -- which we all know -- 
including most scientists with any common sense --
under the surface on Mars.

Here in Bellingham at WWU, 
NASA has a professor teaching planetary geology and such.
I went in and talked to her years ago,
when I was up there doing X Ray Diffraction of minerals.
When the subject of life,
on other planets was brought up by me,
this NASA blindfolded and trained to deny such possibilities ... professor {maybe she is an associate professor}
her eyes completely glazed over as she repeated the standard mantra,
that NASA wants students to hear,
that there is no evidence of life anywhere beyond Earth.

This is what they teach students,
to not accept the obvious,
and WAIT for the Slow Death process of NASA,
deciding WHEN to allow the disclosure and admission of life,
and every other fucking planetary body out there.

Not to mention the rest of the galaxy.

I couldn't get out of her office fast enough ...
My last words to her were:
Life is everywhere in the universe Whip 

Now who do you think is correct?
Professor Three Monkey Syndrome ... {hear no life, see no life, speak no life}
or Vianova?

I am obviously correct,
and all those unhappy students are kept stupid with their worthless space science education,
at this expensive university which hires a propaganda mouthpiece of NASA malfeasance.

This is the REASON,
certain mission projects get approved.
The Mars Dragon Fly,
the helicopter,
is a very benign and opportune method of avoiding real science that searches for life.
It is meant to be one thing only:
Slow Death Science pretending to be expedited action -- with "selfies" -- images sent back to Earth.
This form of science is ultimately a diversionary scheme
created to drag out more important discoveries,
as far into the future as possible.

so the question is this:
How could that 85 million $$$ be better spent,
on looking for EXISTING LIFE on Mars?
Or the entire mission expenditure?

We could easily come up with better ideas after an in depth review.

NASA will never look for existing life,
until they prove that "ancient life" existed,
because that still fits their constrained narrative of political correctness in space science.

NASA may stumble into existing life,
and they are deadly afraid of this happening because it is not scheduled for that to occur yet.

So this helicopter is a last minute side show added to the mission,
for "selfies" images by the rover,
telecast to Earth,
more so to appeal to a huge demographic of numbskull young viewers,
who will drop their jaws even further than they already have dragging along the ground,
with the weight of their ignorance, 
through their education by NASA political correctness.

so let's say the Dragon Fly flies and takes pictures.

What does that accomplish in the realm of advancing a giant step in space science?
Very little.
This mission
and this helicopter are Baby Steps ... stumbling purposely to look for "ancient life".
But even a new born baby,
reaches out to embrace and grasp fully,

That 85 $ million $ could have produced something far more competent,
for the search,
for CURRENT LIFE on Mars.

Blast or dig a small hole deep enough into the surface, with effective machinery,
cap the hole with something simple, 
after supplying it with a small enough heat source,
to keep the water content down deep - more liquid than just the briny ice or slush,
then supply or insert the hole with predictably efficient nutrients,
and then sample that later, for life.

Lame idea?
Perhaps so. That was off the cuff as an idea to be expanded upon. 
But it isn't any worse than what this mission is doing.
And I bet it can be done with less funding.

TAKE A GIANT STEP ... don't tiptoe on top of the Martian duracrust.

So what will happen?
the horrid Chinese military rat infestation of near space,
will be the first to find EXISTING LIFE ... off of this world.

The helicopter IMO, is a symptom of playing coy with available financing,
which is allocated to special interests,
and those special interests are funded,
to -- Make Work --  keep scientists employed -- as long as they say what they are told to say,
with complete NASA political correctness.

But it will all look great in rover "selfies" as it takes off and flies.

It had better fly.
85 million reasons why.

I am surprised the 'copter survived that landing, and in that regard it may fly after all.

and stop back pedaling ... NASA.


Bubble and boil
trouble and toil 
out there on the Martian soil 
stuck in the rubble and thus far foiled ...
the NASA scientists
just don't know exactly what to say ...

Quote:NASA delays Mars helicopter Ingenuity's 1st flight to April 14

The little chopper was grounded after a test ended early.

Ingenuity will now remain planted firmly on the Red Planet's surface, 
until at least Wednesday (April 14), 
according to a statement from the agency. 

The delay comes in response to an anomaly  Tp   Hi
during a test Whip 
that was meant to see the helicopters blades reach flight-like speeds of 2,400 revolutions per minute.

"During a high-speed spin test of the rotors on Friday, 
the command sequence controlling the test ended early due to a 'watchdog'  Horsepoop  timer expiration," 

NASA officials wrote in a statement today (April 10).  
"This occurred as it was trying to transition the flight computer from 'Pre-Flight' to 'Flight' mode. 

The helicopter is safe and healthy and communicated its full telemetry set to Earth."

On Friday (April 9), 
the helicopter attempted to test its blades at full speed, 
the final precursor to taking flight, 
but that was the procedure that the watchdog timer cut short.

"The watchdog timer oversees the command sequence,

and alerts the system to any -- potential issues," 
NASA officials wrote in the statement. 
"It helps the system stay safe by not proceeding if an issue is observed and worked as planned."

That's OK.
Just Fly Baby.
That's all you have to do.
100 yards kickoff return for a touchdown.
Then NASA can claim a complete success for making a 4 pound object fly on Mars.
it has to take images that mean something.
The images Whip
are the key to real success.

So the success of the mission can be allocated to the amount of images returned.

let's say we get ... 85 images Dance2 


What a deal. 
The helicopter scientists will be awarding themselves trophies on a NASA ceremony in a news release.

That's OK.

Just Fly Baby.

That's all you have to do.

100 yards kickoff return for a touchdown -- like a Neon Deion Sanders primetime TD.

Dunno My guess...based on nothing......

Depending on what season it is,
there might be cold and dense CO2 layers over the ground
that could prevent reaching takeoff motor speed.

The laser could maybe find any local atmospheric effect
and zap the ground under the drone to fix it.

Planned  Wednesday Flight of the Dragon Fly

Dem bones  dem bones  dem dry bones

ankle bone connected to the leg bone  Hi

Quote:Now, after analyzing the issue over the weekend, 
the Ingenuity team has concluded  Hmm2 

"that minor modification Whip 

and reinstallation Whip 

of Ingenuity’s flight control software is the most robust path forward,"

Validating the software change and beaming it to the 4-lb. (1.8 kilograms) chopper, 
via NASA’s Perseverance rover, 
will take some time  
the officials added.

Confess!  {see video}

Quote:“the command sequence controlling the test 
ended early due to a ‘watchdog’ timer expiration,
” NASA officials wrote in a statement on Saturday (April 10).
 “This occurred as it was trying to transition the flight computer from ‘Pre-Flight’ to ‘Flight’ mode.”

“We are confident in the team’s ability 

to work through this challenge and prepare for Ingenuity’s historic first controlled, 
powered flight on another planet,”

Meanwhile  at  N  Naughty A Nonono  S   Hi  A: 





at 3:30 AM
Be all or end all helicopter test.

Quote:If all goes to plan, 
the 4-pound (1.8-kg) whirligig will slowly ascend 
straight up 10 feet, 
hover in place for 30 seconds, 
then rotate, 
before descending to a gentle landing on all four legs.

Prospects for future flights rest largely,
on a safe, 
four-point touchdown --->  the first time.

"It doesn't have a self-righting system Whip  
so if we do have a bad landing Whip 
that will be the end of the mission Whip 
Aung said. 
An unexpectedly strong wind gust is one potential peril that could spoil the flight.

Although Ingenuity's flight test,
is set to begin around 3:30 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, 
data confirming its outcome
is not expected to reach JPL's mission control until around 6:15 a.m. ET on Monday.

NASA also expects to receive images and video of the flight, 
that mission engineers hope to capture,
using cameras mounted on the helicopter and the Perseverance rover, 
which will be parked 250 feet (76 meters) away from Ingenuity's flight zone.

If the test succeeds, 

Ingenuity will undertake several additional, 
lengthier flights in the weeks ahead, 
though it will need to rest four to five days in between each to recharge its batteries.

This is a new problem that I had not seen mentioned yet:

Prospects for future flights rest largely,
on a safe, 
four-point touchdown ---> the first time.

"It doesn't have a self-righting system  Slap2 
so if we do have a bad landing Whip 
that  Whip 

will be the end of the mission  Tp

3:30 AM EST

It only has to go up --- 10 feet --- and come straight back down. 
I say,
if the helicopter makes it ten feet off the ground,
just keep on going higher and farther while you have the first chance,
and take your chances on landing after a real flight.

While flying tic tacs and pyramids in video's are released by the US Navy,
a flying gnat on Mars,
has succeeded in a fanfare of NASA joy and relief.

Quote:NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter took this shot, capturing its own shadow, 
while hovering over the Martian surface on April 19, 2021, 
during the first instance of powered, controlled flight on another planet. 
It used its navigation camera, 
which autonomously tracks the ground during flight.

The triumph was hailed as a Wright brothers moment. Rofl 
The mini 4-pound (1.8-kilogram) copter even carried a bit of wing  Sheep fabric 
 from the Wright Flyer  
that made similar history at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903.

It was a brief hop—just 39 seconds and 10 feet (3 meters)—but accomplished all the major milestones.

shadow of history
[Image: pia24584-1041.jpg]

the landing
[Image: 3-nasasmarshel.jpg]

whoop de doo, but I bet they are quite relieved at NASA that so far,
a 30 second flight 10 feet above the ground,
has justified 85 Million cost.

So, perhaps an accounting of time airborne in this and future flights,
can assign a dollar value per second of airborne action,
or per image taken as well.

Sorry, I am not impressed.
I hope they captured any rotor sound. Angelic005

NASA is on a high roll of the dice with the helicopter.

second flight accomplished:

Quote:The helicopter’s second flight Thursday 
went higher to an altitude of 16 feet  
After briefly maintaining its position, 
Ingenuity tilted at an angle of 5 degrees, 
to move laterally about 7 feet , 
according to JPL.

here is a video of the first flight ... somewhat comical though successful

Quote:A third takeoff as soon as Sunday
will take the helicopter more than 150  Hi feet away 
from its makeshift airfield,
as engineers attempt more daring Swordfight  test flights.

For the third flight, engineers have programmed the helicopter
to travel at a maximum  Tp airspeed of about 4.5 mph 
four times faster
than it flew on the second flight Thursday.

fourth and fifth flights haven’t been announced.
MiMi Aung,
Ingenuity’s project manager at JPL,
said earlier this week she hopes the helicopter can travel to distances between 600 and 700 meters,
or nearly a half-mile,
from its airfield — and go “as fast as we can go.

Altitude limit is “probably around 10 meters (33 feet), or a little bit more

Success is at hand. Applause 
If they can pull of flight number three,
they justified their money expenditure for general propaganda news print purposes.

If they pull of flights four and five,
then the team gets to be blue ribbon NASA mission heroes,
and then they can budget up even bigger award trophies at the award ceremony.

Full congratulations are in order after flight three is successful.

The direct link to the video does not give the title of the video:

Mars Perseverance Rover Find Ancient Civilization Pattern of Bullshit on Mars Surface

Bullshit = "stepping stones"

There is another goofy video of the same stones half buried in sand called:

Perseverance Rover Capture Bullshit Mark with Rock Formation on Mars Surface

Bullshit  = "Cryptic" 

Bullshit = Bullshit

The sooner they get that helicopter on the third test flight the better.


The third flight of the 4 pound flying gnat went exceptionally well.
The helicopter mission has succeeded for all practical purposes by flying 100 yards at 4.5 mph.

you can see the helicopter airborne from the rover in the image below
[Image: JbdurUmcJRHdRbdWviMLDR-970-80.jpg]

Now if they can weaponize air transport vehicles on Mars then we can maybe deal with the Chinese.

NASA drones take  Hi out Chinese Mars research rovers Whip 

Now that makes the 85 million dollar expenditure on the helicopter more viable.
Delivery of lightweight high explosive payload.
The Chinese rover is now twisted burning Chinese toxic waste in a small crater.  

Mission success! Applause 

The only good Chinese rover is a dead Chinese rover.

Congratulations NASA for your successful helicopter flight.

I don't see any helicopter in the photo ?

Maybe CIA shot it down ?

"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

Quote:I don't see any helicopter in the photo ?

Look harder.
Use your computer magnification.
Dead center near the top of the image, 
just below the ridge line of the first plateau nearby.

It looks like a skeet shooting target with dragon fly wings.

Quote:NASA drones take  [Image: hi.gif] out Chinese Mars research rovers [Image: whip.gif] 

Now that makes the 85 million dollar expenditure on the helicopter more viable.
Delivery of lightweight high explosive payload.
The Chinese rover is now twisted burning Chinese toxic waste in a small crater.  

Mission success! [Image: applause.gif] 

The only good Chinese rover is a dead Chinese rover.

Congratulations NASA for your successful helicopter flight.

Congratulations NASA for your successful helicopter flight.

I pre-supose many of use FIREFox as OUR preferred brwoser but getting JavaScript working in i TODAY anything that WAS sent on an "old" despite going o Mozilla and going through this I am now also off twitter which is okay with me, just got to get live to monday...payday

"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

we are going to need a lot of defensive / offensive capabilities on the moon and Mars,
as the Chinese and the Russians team up to challenge the wilting America,
under the Biden destruction.

This is where the helicopter comes in to gather flight data,
for potential military drones on Mars.

Quote:NASA drones take  [Image: hi.gif] out Chinese Mars research rovers [Image: whip.gif] 

Now that makes the 85 million dollar expenditure on the helicopter more viable.
Delivery of lightweight high explosive payload.
The Chinese rover is now twisted burning Chinese toxic waste in a small crater.  

Mission success! [Image: applause.gif] 

The only good Chinese rover is a dead Chinese rover.

Congratulations NASA for your successful helicopter flight.

So let's look at Earth military drone technology,
and how that can possibly be adapted to Mars conditions with simple industrial applications.

Quote:Skyborg is an autonomy-focused capability,
that will enable the Air Force to operate and sustain low-cost,
teamed aircraft that can thwart adversaries with quick,
decisive actions in contested environments.

The program will enable airborne combat mass,
by building a transferable autonomy foundation for a family of layered, unmanned air vehicles. 
This foundation will deliver unmatched combat capability per dollar 
by lowering the barriers to entry for industry 
and allowing continuous hardware and software innovation in acquisition, 
fielding and sustainment of critical mission systems.
These 3 companies will build prototypes for the Air Force’s Skyborg drone

Quote:Boeing, General Atomics and Kratos 
will create prototypes for the Air Force’s Skyborg program 
and have a mere five months Whip 
to build the first test vehicles of the autonomous combat drone.

As part of the Skyborg program, the Air Force hopes to build a family of low-cost, 
attritable drones that can be reused, 
but are cheap enough that losses in combat can be financially and operationally tolerated

The project is meant to produce a family of uncrewed aerial systems 
that can move into contested spaces and conduct aerial missions 
that might be too dangerous for human pilots to perform.

which received $25.7 million;

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, which received $14.3 million;

Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems Inc., which received $37.8 million.

Military officials expect the first prototypes to be delivered no later than May 2021 for initial flight tests.

Those three companies 
will produce ready to fly AI supported drones competing for contracts for production.
were funded a grand total of -- 77.8 million -- to produce next generation -- low cost -- strike force drones,
complete with AI capabilities,
the 4 pound helicopter on Mars cost -- 85  million -- 

So what I am saying,
is that the flight data NASA gets from the helicopter flights,
had better suffice to produce innovations in payload capacity and military adaptations,
the Russians and the Chinese plan on doing the same thing -- bigger and better ...

NASA strike force attack  Hi drones on Mars Applause 

The only good Chinese rover is a dead Chinese rover.


The world’s top combat drones

Quote:Four of the top ten drones are produced by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.
From Predator C Avenger to TAI Anka, lists the world’s top ten combat drones based on payload capacity and weapons onboard.

No. 1
The Predator C Avenger,
is a remotely piloted aircraft developed by GA‑ASI.
The first flight of the aircraft was conducted in April 2009.
The combat drone has a maximum take-off weight of 8,255kg.

It is capable of carrying multiple sensor payloads
attached to its wing hard-point mountings
while its internal weapons bay can carry precision mutations
and large sensors up to 1,588kg.

The total payload capacity of the aircraft is 2948kg.
Its weapon payload includes Hellfire missiles
guided bomb unit (GBU)-12/49 laser-guided bombs
GBU-31 GBU-32, GBU-38 38 joint direct attack munitions
(JDMA) and GBU-39 and GBU-16/48 bombs

The Predator C Avenger offers greater operational and transit speeds
than Predator B aircraft.
Powered by Pratt and Whitney PW545B turbofan engine,
the combat drone is capable of reaching altitudes up to 50,000ft.
It has a maximum speed of 400k and endurance of 20 hours.

The only good Chinese rover is a dead Chinese rover.


As much as I would like to see NASA drones take out Chinese rovers,
we need to at least give credit where credit is due,
to our NASA boyz in the JPL 'hood,
for their success Hi
the helicopter.
But when you read this you will see that it was a throw away helicopter in original planning.
I was surprised actually that the intent was a 30 day test,
and then just abandon the thing  Horsepoop

Well heck, that is not good and NASA changed their mind,
and are going to try more Military Applause Maneuvers
the helicopter.

It is just a big hot tub party over at NASA with booze, beer, and booby broads after the success of the helicopter.

NASA Extends Mars Helicopter Mission, Will Scout for Perseverance Rover Whip 

Quote:In a press conference last week, 
NASA characterized Ingenuity’s technical performance as “exceeding all expectations,” 
and the helicopter met all of its technical goals 
(and then some) 
earlier than anyone expected. 
Originally, that wouldn’t have made a difference, 
and Perseverance would have driven off and left Ingenuity behind no matter how well it was performing. 


But some things have changed, 
allowing Ingenuity to transition from a tech demo into an extended operational demo
as Jennifer Trosper, Perseverance deputy project manager, explained:

“We had not originally planned to do this operational demo with the helicopter, 
but two things have happened that have enabled us to do it. 
The first thing is that originally, 
we thought that we’d be driving away from the location that we landed at, 
but the [Perseverance] science team,
is actually really interested in getting initial samples from this region that we’re in right now. 

Another thing that happened is that the helicopter is operating in a fantastic way. 
The communications link is overperforming, 
and even if we move farther away, 
we believe that the rover and the helicopter will still have strong communications, 
and we’ll be able to continue the operational demo.”

The communications link was one of the original reasons 
why Perseverance’s mission was going to be capped at 30 days. 

It’s a little bit counter-intuitive, 
but it turns out that the helicopter simply cannot keep up with the rover, 
which Ingenuity relies on for communication with Earth. 
Ingenuity is obviously faster in flight, 
but once you factor in recharge time, 
if the rover is driving a substantial distance, 
the helicopter would not be able to stay within communications range.

And there’s another issue with the communications link:
as a tech demo, 
Ingenuity’s communication system wasn’t tested to make sure that it can’t be disrupted 
by electronic interference generated by other bits and pieces of the Perseverance rover. 
Ingenuity’s 30-day mission was planned such that when the helicopter was in the air, 
Perseverance was perfectly stationary. 
This is why we don’t have video where Perseverance pans its cameras to follow the helicopter—
using those actuators might have disrupted the communications link.

Going forward, Perseverance will be the priority, not Ingenuity. 
The helicopter will have to do its best to stay in contact with the rover 
as it starts focusing on its own science mission. 
Ingenuity will have to stay in range (within a kilometer or so) and communicate when it can, 
even if the rover is busy doing other stuff. 
This extended mission will initially last 30 more days, 
and if it turns out that Ingenuity can’t do what it needs to do  Naughty
without needing more from Perseverance, 
that’ll be the end of the Mars helicopter mission. 

Even best case, 
it sounds like we won’t be getting any more pictures of Ingenuity in flight, 
since planning that kind of stuff took up a lot of the rover’s time.

With all that in mind, here’s what NASA says we should be expecting:

“With short drives expected for Perseverance in the near term, 
Ingenuity may execute flights that land near the rover’s current location 
or its next anticipated parking spot. 

The helicopter can use these opportunities to perform aerial observations of rover science targets, 
potential rover routes, 
and inaccessible features, 
while also capturing stereo images for digital elevation maps. Applause 

The lessons learned from these efforts will provide significant benefit to future mission planners. 
These scouting flights are a bonus and not a requirement for Perseverance to complete its science mission.

The cadence of flights during Ingenuity’s operations demonstration phase, 
will slow from once every few days to about once every two or three weeks, 
and the forays will be scheduled to avoid interfering with Perseverance’s science operations. 
The team will assess flight operations after 30 sols, 
and will complete flight operations no later than the end of August.”

Specifically, Ingenuity spent its recent Flight 4 scouting for a new airfield to land at, 
and Flight 5 
will be the first flight of this new operations phase, 
where it’ll attempt to land at this new airfield, 
a place it’s never touched down before about 60m south of its current position on Mars. 
NASA expects that there might be one or two flights after this, 
but nobody’s quite sure how it’s going to go, 
and NASA wasn’t willing to speculate about what’ll happen longer term.

It’s important to remember that all of this is happening in the context of Ingenuity being a 30 day tech demo. 

The hardware on the helicopter was designed with that length of time in mind, 
and not a multi-month mission. 

NASA said during their press conference that the landing gear is probably good for at least 100 landings, 
and the solar panel and sun angle will be able to meet energy requirements for at least a few months. 

The expectation is that with enough day/night thermal cycles, 
a solder joint will snap, 
rendering Ingenuity inoperable in some way. 
Nobody knows when that’ll happen, 
but again, this is a piece of hardware designed to function for 30 days, 
and despite JPL’s legacy of ridiculously long-loved robotic explorers, 
we should adjust our expectations accordingly. MiMi Aung, Mars Helicopter Project Manager, has it exactly right when she says that “we will be celebrating each day that Ingenuity survives and operates beyond that original window.” We’re just glad that there will be more to celebrate going forward.

NASA drones take out the Chinese Rover.
I like it.
Military operations.
The helicopter can use these opportunities to perform aerial observations of rover science targets, 
potential rover routes, 
and inaccessible features, 
while also capturing stereo images for digital elevation maps. Applause 

I thought heli will land on rover and will drive along with it.
After berating their flying gnat,
I will continue to offer coverage of their success.

NASA helicopter mission scientists now all have big porny cocks with hanging goat balls,
as they celebrate over their helicopter success.
you gotta  strut your stuff  I suppose,
when you don't have to make excuses, like the year of excuses with the Mole Whip

NASA helicopter mission  Dance2 scientists

I'm  Struttin' My Stuff   Y'all


Perseverance rover captures sounds of Mars helicopter Ingenuity's flight in awesome first 
It's the first time one spacecraft has recorded audio of another on the surface of an alien world.

I didn't hear a fucking thing.

But this was interesting.

Quote:David Mimoun, 
the science lead for the microphone, 
said in a NASA news release. 
“This recording will be a gold mine for our understanding of the Martian atmosphere.”

Interesting stuff here

Quote:On Friday, Ingenuity, 
which last month became the first machine to fly like an airplane or a helicopter on another world, 
took off for the fifth time.
It made a successful one-way trip to another flat patch of Mars more than the length of a football field away. 

The spot where it landed will serve as its base of operations  Mellow

for the next month at least, 
beginning a new phase of the mission where it will serve as a scout  Ninja
for its larger robotic companion, 
the Perseverance rover.

Ingenuity retraced the course of its previous flight, 
heading south for 423 feet at an altitude of 16 feet. 
But instead of turning around, 
it stopped and climbed higher, to 33 feet, 
to take some pictures of the area. 
It then set down, 108 seconds after it had taken off.

Joshua Ravich, Ingenuity’s mechanical engineering lead, 
said the power system, 
the heaters, 
the navigation system 
and the rotors were all working well. 
“Our helicopter is even more robust than we had hoped,” he wrote.

That opened the door to using Ingenuity not only as a proof of the basic technology 
but also to provide aerial reconnaissance  {military operations} Applause 
of the surrounding landscape for the Perseverance scientists, 
who have decided  Hi
that they want the rover to explore the neighboring areas for several months.

“The digital elevation maps put together by the Ingenuity team 
gave us confidence that our new airfield is flat as a pancake — 
a good thing when you have to land on it,” Mr. Ravich said.

After the move of Ingenuity to its new base, 
the focus of the Perseverance team now shifts to its scientific studies, 
which have been largely on hold during the test flights.

“The plan forward is to fly Ingenuity in a manner that does not reduce the pace of Perseverance science operations,” said Bob Balaram, the chief engineer of the helicopter, in a NASA release after the flight.


Struttin' their Stuff.
NASA scientists,
dancing to the sounds of Da Funkadelic Free Your Mind Helicopter,
flying high in the air like Lucy in the Sky.

That is kind of what the pattern is now.
The NASA scientists have ... freed their minds ... when the helicopter flies.

Free Your Mind ...  Helicopter Scientists ... and Your Ass Will Follow

and here comes Perseverance to the new landing site  ...  Marsrover  Whip 

Fly on Helicopter and just keep on going.

Free Your Mind NASA scientists ... Abandon the Planetary Protection Guidelines Whip 

Take a Giant Step with EACH Mission.

No more mission pussies like Rayman on the Ceres  Hi Mission.

(05-06-2021, 02:15 PM)letosvet Wrote: I thought heli will land on rover and will drive along with it.

I'm sure the engineers wanted to simply drive back over the drone and pick it up with the same mechanism that lowered it onto Mars' surface in the first place.
Congressional Luddite objections to "putting an aircraft carrier on Mars" , and a blow to Space Force capabilities, smells like something from Bernie Sanders...... Poop
After trashing the mission helicopter, I owe these guys some good press.
The desert dragonfly,
continues to exceed their expectations.

Goes to show,
Made In America
means something.

Means it ain't made in Wuhan China.
Fuck those insane Chinese Communists. 
May all their Mars missions fail in hell Whip 

meanwhile the NASA boyz are having fun
NASA’s Mars Helicopter Reveals Intriguing Terrain for Rover Team

Images snapped on July 5 by NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter 
on its ambitious ninth flight 
have offered scientists and engineers working with the agency’s Perseverance Mars rover
an unprecedented opportunity to scout out the road ahead. 

Ingenuity provided new insight Mellow 
into where different rock layers begin and end, 
each layer serving as a time capsule for how conditions in the ancient climate changed at this location. 
The flight also revealed obstacles the rover may have to drive around as it explores Jezero Crater.

During the flight –
designed to test the helicopter’s ability to serve as an aerial scout –
Ingenuity soared over a dune field
nicknamed “Séítah.”

Perseverance is making a detour south around those dunes,
which would be too risky for the six-wheeled rover to try crossing.

The color images from Ingenuity,
taken from a height of around 33 feet (10 meters),
offer the rover team much greater detail
than they get from the orbiter images they typically use for route planning.
While a camera like HiRISE (the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment)
aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
can resolve rocks about 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter,
missions usually rely on rover images to see smaller rocks or terrain features.

“Once a rover gets close enough to a location,
we get ground-scale images that we can compare to orbital images,”
said Perseverance Deputy Project Scientist Ken Williford
“With Ingenuity,
we now have this intermediate-scale imagery that nicely fills the gap in resolution.”

Below are a few of Ingenuity’s images, which completed the long journey back to Earth on July 8.

Ingenuity (its shadow is visible at the bottom of this image) 
offered a high-resolution glimpse of rock features nicknamed “Raised Ridges.” 
They belong to a fracture system, 
which often serve as pathways for fluid to flow underground.

[Image: jpegPIA24727.width-1320.jpg]

helicopter shadow at bottom center --- >

“Our current plan is to visit Raised Ridges and investigate it close up,” Williford said. 
“The helicopter’s images are by far better in resolution than the orbital ones we were using. 
Studying these will allow us to ensure that visiting these ridges is important to the team.”

Dunes --

Sand dunes like the ones in this image
keep rover drivers like JPL’s Olivier Toupet awake at night:
Knee- or waist-high,
they could easily cause the two-ton rover to get stuck.
After landing in February,
Perseverance scientists asked whether it was possible
to make a beeline across this terrain;
Toupet’s answer was a hard no.

[Image: jpegPIA24725.width-1320.jpg]

“Sand is a big concern,” said Toupet,
who leads the team of mobility experts that plans Perseverance’s drives.
“If we drive downhill into a dune,
we could embed ourselves into it and not be able to get back out.”

Toupet is also the lead for Perseverance’s newly tested AutoNav feature,
which uses artificial intelligence doink-head
to drive the rover autonomously over greater distances
than could be achieved otherwise.
While good at avoiding rocks and other hazards,
AutoNav can’t detect sand,
so human drivers still need to define “keep-out zones”
around areas that could entrap the rover


As the rover works its way around the dune field,
it may make what the team calls a “toe dip”  Horsepoop
into some scientifically compelling spots with interesting bedrock.
While Toupet and his team wouldn’t attempt a toe dip here,
the recent images from Ingenuity
will allow them to plan potential toe-dip paths in other regions,
along the route of Perseverance’s first science campaign.

“The helicopter is an extremely valuable asset for rover planning
because it provides high-resolution imagery of the terrain
we want to drive through,” said Toupet.

[Image: jpegPIA24726.width-1320.jpg]

“We can better assess the size of the dunes and where bedrock is poking out.
That’s great information for us;
it helps identify which areas may be traversable by the rover,
and whether certain high-value science targets are reachable.”


Ninth flight Applause 

good work guys!

now find us some current life 
or a fish fossil
-- not some ancient bullshit bacteria



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