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These jade images have an intrinsic detail level that could be further enhanced with enough backlighting,
assuming they are thin slices, to be translucent and bring out an internal depth......

Here's that billion year fossil with a solid noise background.
I've found a full frame version but doesn't allow copying......

[Image: nYg8DPk.jpg]
I quit on this one too early and did not fully finish the whole perimeter.
Had to reduce the size of the replicating pie slice to 75% of what I had,
in order to keep in a workable grid size without crashing the program.
That usually compromises image resolution,
but the image at Imgur looked good.

A canyon and river - waterfall have been reconstructed into a hexagonal geometry,
and also enhanced with artistic adaptations.   
Should look good at high magnifications once you recognize the canyon walls and such.

[Image: bcPWGhn.jpg]
DE Combinate AexionC(CosPow8+Gnarl3D+SinY)Julia

[Image: 7aTKqTB.jpg]

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