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Haiti Earthquake, Fate of Global Poverty Overpopulation
You see it unfolding.
CNN's Anderson Stupor is on the way to save the news day.

We saw the tsunami years ago in Banda Aceh

before tsunami
[Image: 2a.jpg]

after tsunami
[Image: 2b.jpg]

soon we will have the before and after in Haiti.

All coastal cities are at risk of tsunami,
and any city worldwide could have an Earthquake to include Seattle overdue for the "Big One",
but when it happens in these impoverished areas
they have to depend on industrialized or richer nations rescue capacity for help.

One of these days ...much greater catastrophism may occur and areas of the planet
will not be be able to be rescued.
Remnant populations will be on the move surging into nearby countries.
British military already has contingency plans for such global chaos.
No doubt does the US, Russia and China.

It will be interesting to see how this is handled by the US
in relation to the FEMA New Orleans response.

The world might turn into one big rescue mission
with UN international rescue mission martial law one day.

Not wanting to fear monger,
but we all know about La Palma and Yellowstone caldera.
Wait till a major tsunami hits Bangla Desh,
or a major earthquake hits Mexico City.

Too many people on the planet, and of those, too many in congested overpopulated poverty.
The global energy cartels maintain a stranglehold on energy development,
and that really is what keeps those impoverished countries in the economic stranglehold,
and from developing better internal infrastructures of self support.

And a lot of other reasons...but global catastrophism is going to be the next debt
we all have to pay for, especially with the ecologic apocalypse occurring concurrently.
What kind of scam will the International Corporate Banking Cartels come up with
to cash in on "catastrophism"?
from "carbon credits" to catastrophism credits"?

Everybody hopes it won't be as bad as they are predicting in Shanty Shack Haiti.
What a sad shit hole of existence, to be brutally honest about it.
God have mercy.
[Image: 41FVgrndWLL.jpg]
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In regards to earthquakes I am waiting to see if an 8.0 appears around los angeles this year, as I have heard a prophecy of. If it doesnt occur Ill probably throw most of that stuff out.

Aside from the little prediction, there are not too many people on the planet, we may be approaching it, but there are not too many. We have enough supplies and the tech to deal with, the problem is implementing everythign and sending it to where it needs to go. If this doesnt happen, then yes, there are too many people. We need another planet... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" />

As for the yellow stone caldera, yes thee is that chance, but there are also signs its starting to shut down; unfortuantly nothing is definitive however.
Quote:No mountain is too tall if your first step is belief. -Anonymous
...Because even if there were no artifacts anywhere, not studying things of interest is an extreme disservice to science. -Tarius
There aren't too many people. There are too many people who want to hog all the resources because they believe fervently in scarcity. They are greedy because they are fearful.
Well I guess I have been corrected by two posters,
that should know what I mean, and yes, I should have been more specific,
rather than terming the condition as "planetary overpopulation".

What I meant was that there are too many people congested into overpopulated
deplorable conditions in poverty stricken countries,
caused by global energy cartel strangulation of the planet,
and international criminal banking cartel control of complete countries debts.

These countries are economically manipulated into the sad situation they are in.
They also don't practice safe sex, and foolishly breed like rats.
there are far too many people living in Little Hell, or Haiti
to be supported by any kind of realistic infrastructure, unless they get free energy.
Then they would have a chance.

Volunteers are needed in uncongested areas of population like the USA
to take in refugees from Haiti,
into your home to feed and comfort.

No, I won't be volunteering for that.
How many of us here will send .... money ... to Haiti for aid relief?

What about the the next ten global catastrophies?

Who should pay for all that?
We pay for wars all over the world by paying taxes,
and I suspect that the future will bring about a global disaster relief taxation
on the planetary populations,
when the goddam oil companies could afford it no problem.

The banking and energy cartels should be responsible
for global catastrophism remediation efforts.
And you know what that means,
higher energy prices and more banking fraud.

Are we morally obligated to help each and every human catastrophism?
Perhaps so.
I will be honest with you.
I am not sending any money to Haiti.
I would like to, but I guess I will keep that extra nickel to keep my ass warm
by paying those exorbitant energy bills.

When my house crumbles here in the Earthquake Red Zone of Bellingham Bay,
my properties will be condemned by the state,
and nobody will help me.
That is life.

A friend of mine in Olympia Washington area had a large section of his land on the salt water
crumble slightly towards the sea with his house still quite intact.
It severed his water pipes and septic lines.
This was caused in the owners opinion {and I agree with him}
by bad drainage patterns approved by county planners whoring with developers
on the hillside above him at some point in the development schemes of Ocean View property.
Thurston County government
condemned his million dollar beachfront property,
and he lost everything, including the right to stay there, even in a tent.
He was given very little time to pack up and pack out.

Nobody in Haiti will be forced to leave their shanty shack if it is still standing sufficiently,
even if it is next to mountains there that are sludge sliding to the land below,
or nearby to crumbling apartment buildings, that will come down anyways.
If it is still standing in Haiti, people can judge safety for themselves,
and take that responsibility on themselves,
and they will be allowed to take shelter.

Hurricane Katrina Bulldozers
[Image: D-7+bulldozer]
Quote:It will be interesting to see how this is handled by the US
in relation to the FEMA New Orleans response.

The world might turn into one big rescue mission
with UN international rescue mission martial law one day.

God have mercy.

My heart goes goes out to those poor souls

I got what you meant V
we're kind of cross posting here
Me writing this below while you posting that

"The banking and energy cartels should be responsible
for global catastrophism remediation efforts.
And you know what that means,
higher energy prices and more banking fraud."

Really, what a tragedy and unfortunately not unlike New Orleans at all
in some respects, I almost hesitate to put this here in light of what
these people undoubtedly are experencing right now..

Last night I read alot of the Twitter first hand reports
It reads like total devastation and despair

I found this sickeningly interesting in light of both it's timing
and how like NO it is, remember about the third of fourth day of Katrina
how they began talking about the casinos in NO, that and the
fact that the Thunder(super)dome had already been condemned
and a new earthquake proof stadium was within a short walk from that
hellhole, a building that could have safely house the displaced..

anyway here goes

Posted on Friday, 01.08.10
Haiti experiences a hotel boom



The Emperor's Palace Development Project

The Haitian Riviera will be the destination where vacations, business meetings and conventions will surpass all expectations.
New project, for a $400M 5-Star Haitian Emperor's Palace & Resorts: 2.5 million square feet in a 400 acre Oceanfront, Haitian Casino Royal Resort, anchored by 2 Hotels for a 750 guest Rooms and Suites, 10 new Restaurants, 15 new Retail Shops, a Musical Entertainment Center, a 600 seats theater, 150 Luxury Villas, 150 Luxury Condos...

50 slip Marina, Yacht Club and a Cruise Port. World-Class Golf Course: an 18 hole Golf Course design by USBGA.

Considering RAD Architecture for the Palace and Resorts...

The Haitian Riviera Business Ventures
email: info at


This is just an interesting aside I found googling around
lot's of activity in Haiti lately for sure

Wall Street Journal: Unfinished Haiti Business
December 18, 2009

The allegations didn't get much media attention outside of Haiti, but the U.S. Department of Justice is finally moving on a long-running investigation of corruption at Haiti's government-owned telecom monopoly after the Clinton administration sent U.S. troops to restore controversial Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power. Indicted last week were two executives of a Florida telecommunications company and two former high-ranking officials of Haiti Teleco.

One of the Haitians was extradited on Saturday and is being held on $1 million bail. The Haitian Diaspora in the U.S. is legendary for calling home, generating plenty of phone traffic.

The indictment claims that the Florida company "executed contracts with Haiti Teleco" whereby it enjoyed "preferential telecommunications rates" for connecting those calls and in return paid bribes to Haitian officials.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Haiti's own post-Aristide interim government filed a lawsuit accusing Mr. Aristide and several Teleco employees of "looting the public treasury" through such schemes.

Previous disclosures have revealed that another company, Fusion Telecommunications, whose board included Mr. Aristide's close friend Joseph P. Kennedy II and Bill Clinton's chum Mack McLarty, received a 1999 Haiti Teleco contract with a rate well below the FCC's mandated official settlement rate. Ditto New-Jersey based IDT: According to a lawsuit by a former IDT employee, IDT signed a preferential deal with Teleco in 2003 that allegedly included an agreement to make payments to an offshore account for the benefit of Mr. Aristide.

Revenues paid by U.S. carriers terminating traffic in Haiti are one of the few sources of hard currency for the impoverished country.

What exactly was going on between Haiti Teleco and politically-connected Americans in the wake of a U.S. military operation to put Mr. Aristide back in power after a domestic coup?

Those questions have never been answered.
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
What a fucking pit, with wicked juju since Colombus landed there. The native population was killed off pretty quick, then they imported slaves from Africa to work the plantations and abandoned them, the depleted soil, and the ruined forests.
Great post hrm.

That Haitian Riviera complex is something I never expected.
I guess it provides some jobs, infrastructure and influx of money and such....
Luxury condos?
Cuba is a casino paradise waiting to happen.

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/hmm2.gif" alt="Hmm2" title="hmm2" />

You couldn't pay me to go to Haiti before the EQ.
Real estate prices might get very interesting there now for the speculator.
Looking at the cover of DJ's book selection,
I don't think that Haiti could ever be resurrected into a semblance of paradise.
How does the international community save these places like Haiti?
With IMF and investment incentives etc.
Well if the banking and energy cartels can create carbon credits,
I am sure that they will come up with some kind of BS like ...catastrophism credits,
for investing corporations.
I bet they will scam together some profit scheme out of all this misery.

The media event being staged currently is geared to create global relief donations,
with the scenes of dead bodies and such.
That is fine, we should see good coverage,
coverage we never got in the Burma tragedy when that govt.
would not allow relief efforts or media in, and a hundred thousand might have died there as well.

And nobody will even think about Af-Paki-stan and Yemeni war situations for a month,
And nobody will fuss about airline security either..

A friend in Seattle said to donate to Doctors Without Borders as a good choice.

Quote:....with wicked juju since Colombus landed there....

Probably the most abused country in history.
Then there are the real looney tunes adding insult to injury: ... arthquake/
Pat Robertson: Haiti Earthquake Because Of “Pact To The Devil”

check out the 1 minute video at the link, then the lengthy comment by the last poster.

Then check out this comment first paragraph: ... earthquake
Haiti needs our help
Today's earthquake should focus our attention on this ill-fated nation,
where corruption has stopped aid from reaching the poor

Quote:There is a story often told among Haitians
that when the Spanish came to Hispaniola
(the small island shared between the Dominican Republic and Haiti)
they surrendered Haiti to the devil
in order to dedicate the Dominican Republic to God.
When you consider their relative situations
it is not hard to see why this myth is so commonly believed.

Even before today's tragic events Haiti was the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Nearly 80% of its population live on less than US$2 a day.
Only 62% of its adult population are literate
and 25% are in any form of employment
and 30% have sanitation in their homes.

By crossing a seemingly meaningless geographical border into the Dominican Republic
the average person could expect their life expectancy
to increase by over 12 years
and to be seven times wealthier,
according to the World Bank.

Without access to clean water and without treatment for basic illnesses
the child mortality rate in Haiti is one in five,
with diarrhoea, malaria and TB the most common causes of death.

Ironically for the only country ever to have had a successful slave revolt,
child enslavement is also a culturally accepted practice in Haiti.
Across the country it is estimated that 300,000 children between eight and 15
are kept as restaveks,
unpaid domestic labourers, by wealthier host families.
Over 75% of the restaveks are girls and sexual abuse by the men of the house is common.

The fear is that like in 2008,
aid will pour into the country from well-meaning donors,
only to be siphoned off,
one state level at a time.
This time the international community must acknowledge
the wider issues Haiti faces and,
once the immediate emergency is over,
develop an approach to Haiti with its people and its children at the core.
There is hope, when the EU gave money to build roads to a contractor not the government,
Haiti got its first serviceable roads

You think Haiti is bad?
wait till the first nuke goes off in a city somewhere, not a dirty bomb, a nuke.
wow just wrote this whole thing

vanished! poof

maybe later
the jist of it was I'll try to develer the links later

Haiti is probably the place robert johnson really was talking
about when he said the xroads and there is a far higher
body count there than those who have died in the past few days
That Clinton and some Kennedy spokesperson have
spearheaded the charitable giving programs considering
their involment in Telco with Aristide not to mention
the Medellin cartel/haiti/mena ak connection and thatbody count...
this goes wayway
back and given the very real suffering of the people there now
a retrospective look back over our collective shoulders
is almost akin to opening up the biggest cesspool of stinking
voodoohoodoodawgdoo I've ever seen

I know run on sentence
Pat Robertson as sickening as that Faux news piece was
sheet why do they air that creep... is not far off
Haiti is and always has been a stinking armpit country
run by drug lords and profiteers no change on the horizon

btw whats this? USAID. I heard today on the news
they would be spearheading/funding the rebuilding
as per V's comment..

How does the international community save these places like Haiti?
With IMF and investment incentives etc.
Well if the banking and energy cartels can create carbon credits,
I am sure that they will come up with some kind of BS like ...catastrophism credits,
for investing corporations.
I bet they will scam together some profit scheme out of all this misery

USAID <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/pennywise.gif" alt="Pennywise" title="pennywise" />

WASHINGTON — A few weeks ago, Rajiv Shah was an obscure if well-regarded young bureaucrat laboring in the bowels of the Agriculture Department.
On Wednesday, six days after he was sworn in as the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Shah, 36, stood before the country on live television as the coordinator of the U.S. response to the Haiti earthquake, one of the worst natural disasters in this hemisphere in recent history. ... aiti_N.htm

six just six days after man have to do the math on that one
wasn't there some similar newby recently appointed in NO?

Who are these people the USAID?

and thanks V

oh ps the snychro disaster rebuilding armpit/port opp
is it beginning to be a pattern, are we living in
some fifties scifi toon
drug lord war with space age toys?
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
Wednesday, November 25, 2009:

Teleco also operates a fibre-optic network in the capital Port-au-Prince, and jointly controls an international fibre-optic submarine cable link to the US via the Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the commercial arm of the World Bank, is acting as adviser for the public-private partnership project, aided by several international consultancies. ... +Time.aspx
Catastrophe in Haiti

Ashley Smith describes the natural and not-so-natural factors that contributed to the devastation when Haiti was struck by a strong earthquake.

January 14, 2010

A man carries an injured woman from the rubble after the earthquake in Port-au-Prince (Clarens Renois | AFP)A man carries an injured woman from the rubble after the earthquake in Port-au-Prince (Clarens Renois | AFP)

A DEVASTATING earthquake, the worst in 200 years, struck Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, laying waste to the city and killing untold numbers of people. The quake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, and detonated more than 30 aftershocks, all more than 4.5 in magnitude, through the night and into Wednesday morning.

The earthquake toppled poorly constructed houses, hotels, hospitals and even the capital city's main political buildings, including the presidential palace. The collapse of so many structures sent a giant cloud into the sky, which hovered over the city, raining dust down onto the wasteland below.

According to some estimates, more than 100,000 people may have died, in a metropolis of 2 million people. Those that survived are living in the streets, afraid to return inside any building that remains standing.

Around the world, Haitians struggled to contact their family and friends in the devastated country. But most could not reach their loved ones since phone lines were down throughout the country.

What you can do

The American solidarity organization Haiti Action is committed to raising money for Haiti's grassroots movement--including labor unions, women's groups, educators and human rights activists, support committees for prisoners, and agricultural cooperatives--to distribute to those in need.

You can make a donation to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund online.

One person who did reach relatives, Garry Pierre-Pierre, editor and publisher of the Brooklyn-based Haitian Times, stated, "People are in shock. They're afraid to go out in the streets for obvious reasons, and most of them can't get inside their homes. A lot of people are sitting or sleeping in front of the rubble that used to be their homes."

President René Préval issued an emergency appeal for humanitarian aid. He described the scene in Port-au-Prince as "unimaginable. Parliament has collapsed. The tax office has collapsed. Schools have collapsed. Hospitals have collapsed. There are a lot of schools that have a lot of dead people in them. All the hospitals are packed with people. It's a catastrophe."

The weak Préval government was unable to respond to the crisis, and the United Nations--which occupies Haiti with close to 9,000 troops--was completely unprepared to manage the situation. Many UN leaders and troops died in buildings that collapsed, including their own headquarters.

International Red Cross spokesman Paul Conneally said that 3 million out of Haiti's 9 million people would need international emergency aid in the coming weeks just to survive. The UN, U.S., European Union, Canada and countless non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have promised humanitarian aid.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WHILE MOST people reacted to the crisis by trying to find a way to help or donate money, Christian Right fanatic Pat Robertson stooped to new depths of racism. He explained that Haitians were cursed because they made a pact with the devil to liberate themselves from their French slave masters in the Haitian revolution two centuries ago.

The corporate media at least reported that shifting tectonic plates along a fault line underneath Port-au-Prince caused the earthquake--and that Haiti's poverty and the incapacity of the Préval government made the disaster so much worse. But they didn't delve below the surface.

"The media coverage of the earthquake is marked by an almost complete divorce of the disaster from the social and political history of Haiti," Canadian Haiti solidarity activist Yves Engler said in an interview. "They repeatedly state that the government was completely unprepared to deal with the crisis. This is true. But they left out why."

Why were 60 percent of the buildings in Port-au-Prince shoddily constructed and unsafe in normal circumstances, according to the city's mayor? Why are there no building regulations in a city that sits on a fault line? Why has Port-au-Prince swelled from a small town of 50,000 in the 1950s to a population of 2 million desperately poor people today? Why was the state completely overwhelmed by the disaster?

To understand these facts, we have to look at a second fault line--U.S. imperial policy toward Haiti. The U.S. government, the UN, and other powers have aided the Haitian elite in subjecting the country to neoliberal economic plans that have impoverished the masses, deforested the land, wrecked the infrastructure and incapacitated the government.

The fault line of U.S. imperialism interacted with the geological one to turn the natural disaster into a social catastrophe.

During the Cold War, the U.S. supported the dictatorships of Papa Doc Duvalier and then Baby Doc Duvalier--which ruled the country from 1957 to 1986--as an anti-communist counterweight to Castro's Cuba nearby.

Under guidance from Washington, Baby Doc Duvalier opened the Haitian economy up to U.S. capital in the 1970s and 1980s. Floods of U.S. agricultural imports destroyed peasant agriculture. As a result, hundred of thousands of people flocked to the teeming slums of Port-au-Prince to labor for pitifully low wages in sweatshops located in U.S. export processing zones.

In the 1980s, masses of Haitians rose up to drive the Duvaliers from power--later, they elected reformer Jean-Bertrand Aristide to be president on a platform of land reform, aid to peasants, reforestation, investment in infrastructure for the people, and increased wages and union rights for sweatshop workers.

The U.S. in turn backed a coup that drove Aristide from power in 1991. Eventually, the elected president was restored to power in 1994 when Bill clinton sent U.S. troops to the island--but on the condition that he implement the U.S. neoliberal plan--which Haitians called the "plan of death."

Aristide resisted parts of the U.S. program for Haiti, but implemented other provisions, undermining his hoped-for reforms. Eventually, though, the U.S. grew impatient with Aristide's failure to obey completely, especially when he demanded $21 billion in reparations during his final year in office. The U.S. imposed an economic embargo that strangled the country, driving peasants and workers even deeper into poverty.

In 2004, Washington collaborated with Haiti's ruling elite to back death squads that toppled the government, kidnapped and deported Aristide. The United Nations sent troops to occupy the country, and the puppet government of Gérard Latortue was installed to continue Washington's neoliberal plans.

Latortue's brief regime was utterly corrupt--he and his cronies pocketed large portions of the $4 billion poured into the country by the U.S. and other powers when they ended their embargo. The regime dismantled the mild reforms Aristide had managed to implement. Thus, the pattern of impoverishment and degradation of the country's infrastructure accelerated.

In 2006 elections, the Haitian masses voted in longtime Aristide ally René Préval as president. But Préval has been a weak figure who collaborated with U.S. plans for the country and failed to address the growing social crisis.

In fact, the U.S., UN and other imperial powers effectively bypassed the Préval government and instead poured money into NGOs. "Haiti now has the highest per capita presence of NGOs in the world," says Yves Engler. The Préval government has become a political fig leaf, behind which the real decisions are made by the imperial powers, and implemented through their chosen international NGOs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THE REAL state power isn't the Préval government, but the U.S.-backed United Nations occupation. Under Brazilian leadership, UN forces have protected the rich and collaborated with--or turned a blind eye to--right-wing death squads who terrorize supporters of Aristide and his Lavalas Party.

The occupiers have done nothing to address the poverty, wrecked infrastructure and massive deforestation that have exacerbated the effects of a series of natural disasters--severe hurricanes in 2004 and 2008, and now the Port-au-Prince earthquake.

Instead, they merely police a social catastrophe, and in so doing, have committed the normal crimes characteristic of all police forces. As Dan Beeton wrote in NACLA Report on the Americas, "The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), which began its mission in June 2004, has been marred by scandals of killings, rape and other violence by its troops almost since it began."

First the bush administration and now the obama administration have used the coup and social and natural crises to expand the U.S.'s neoliberal economic plans.

Under obama, the U.S. has granted Haiti $1.2 billion in debt relief, but it hasn't canceled all of Haiti's debt--the country still pays huge sums to the Inter-American Development Bank. The debt relief is classic window-dressing for obama's real Haiti policy, which is the same old Haiti policy.

In close collaboration with the new UN Special Envoy to Haiti, former President Bill clinton, obama has pushed for an economic program familiar to much of the rest of the Caribbean--tourism, textile sweatshops and weakening of state control of the economy through privatization and deregulation.

In particular, clinton has orchestrated a plan for turning the north of Haiti into a tourist playground, as far away as possible from the teeming slums of Port-au-Prince. clinton lured Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines into investing $55 million to build a pier along the coastline of Labadee, which it has leased until 2050.

From there, Haiti's tourist industry hopes to lead expeditions to the mountaintop fortress Citadelle and the Palace of Sans Souci, both built by Henri Christophe, one of the leaders of Haiti's slave revolution. According to the Miami Herald:

The $40 million plan involved transforming the now quaint town of Milot, home to the Citadelle and Palace of Sans Souci ruin, into a vibrant tourist village, with arts and crafts markets, restaurants and stoned streets. Guests would be ferried past a congested Cap-Haïtien to a bay, then transported by bus past peasant plantations. Once in Milot, they would either hike or horseback to the Citadelle...named a world heritage site in 1982...

Eco-tourism, archaeological exploration and voyeuristic visits to Vodou rituals are all being touted by Haiti's struggling boutique tourism industry, as Royal Caribbean plans to bring the world largest cruise ship here, sparking the need for excursions.

So while Pat Robertson denounces Haiti's great slave revolution as a pact with the devil, clinton is helping to reduce it to a tourist trap.

At the same time, clinton's plans for Haiti include an expansion of the sweatshop industry to take advantage of cheap labor available from the urban masses. The U.S. granted duty-free treatment for Haitian apparel exports to make it easy for sweatshops to return to Haiti.

clinton celebrated the possibilities of sweatshop development during a whirlwind tour of a textile plant owned and operated by the infamous Cintas Corp. He announced that George Soros had offered $50 million for a new industrial park of sweatshops that could create 25,000 jobs in the garment industry. clinton explained at a press conference that Haiti's government could create "more jobs by lowering the cost of doing business, including the cost of rent."

As TransAfrica founder Randall Robinson told Democracy Now! "That isn't the kind of investment that Haiti needs. It needs capital investment. It needs investment so that it can be self-sufficient. It needs investment so that it can feed itself."

One of the reasons why clinton could be so unabashed in celebrating sweatshops is that the U.S.-backed coup repressed any and all resistance. It got rid of Aristide and his troublesome habit of raising the minimum wage. It banished him from the country, terrorized his remaining allies and barred his political party, Fanmi Lavalas, the most popular in the country, from running for office. The coup regime also attacked union organizers within the sweatshops themselves.

As a result, clinton could state to business leaders: "Your political risk in Haiti is lower than it has ever been in my lifetime."

Thus, as previous U.S. presidencies have done before, the obama administration has worked to aid Haiti's elite, sponsor international corporations taking advantage of cheap labor, weaken the ability of the Haitian state to regulate the society, and repress any political resistance to that agenda.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THESE POLICIES led directly to the incapacitated Haitian state, dilapidated infrastructure, poorly constructed buildings and desperate poverty that combined with the hurricanes and now the earthquake to turn natural disasters into social catastrophes.

While everyone should support the current outpouring of aid to help Haiti, no one should do so with political blinders on. As Engler said:

Aid in Haiti has always been used to further imperial interests. This is obvious when you look at how the U.S. and Canada treated the Aristide government in contrast to the coup regime. The U.S. and Canada starved Aristide of almost all aid. But then after the coup, they opened a floodgate of money to back some of the most reactionary forces in Haitian society.

We should therefore agitate against any attempt by the U.S. and other powers to use this crisis to further impose their program on a prostrate country.

We should also be wary of the role of international NGOs. While many NGOs are trying to address the crisis, the U.S. and other governments are funneling aid to them in order to undermine Haitians' democratic right to self-determination. The international NGOs are unaccountable to either the Haitian state or Haitian population. So the aid funneled through them further weakens what little hold Haitians have on their own society.

The obama administration should also immediately lift the ban against Aristide's return to Haiti, as well as the political ban on his party, Fanmi Lavalas, from participating in the electoral process. After all, a known drug criminal and coup leader, Guy Philippe, and his party Front for National Reconstruction (FRN) has been allowed to participate in the electoral process. Aristide and his party, by contrast, are still the most popular political force in the country and should have the right to participate in an open and fair vote.

The U.S. should also stop deportations of Haitians who have fled their crisis-torn country and grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitian refugees. That would allow any Haitians who have fled the political and social crisis since the coup, the hurricanes and now the earthquake to remain legally in the U.S.

On top of that, we must demand that the U.S. stop imposing its neoliberal plans. The U.S. has plundered Haitian society for decades. Instead of Haiti owing any debt to the U.S., other countries or international financial institutions, the reverse is the case. The U.S., France, Canada and the UN owe the people of Haiti reparations to redress the imperial plunder of the country.

With these funds and political space, Haitians would be finally able to begin shaping their own political and economic future--the dream of the great slave revolution 200 years ago.
OMG, we got the Louisiana Purchase territory because of the slave revolt in Haiti.

The Purchase
In 1802 it seemed that Jefferson's fears were well founded: the Spanish governor of New Orleans revoked Americans' privileges of shipping produce and other goods for export through his city. At the same time, American officials became aware of a secret treaty that had been negotiated and signed the previous year between Spain and France. This, the Treaty of San Ildefonso, provided a position of nobility for a minor Spanish royal in exchange for the return of the Louisiana Territory to the French.

Based on France's history of engaging in hostilities for land, Jefferson and other leaders were alarmed at this potential threat on the U.S. western border. While some Congressmen had begun to talk of taking New Orleans, Spain's control over the territory as a whole generally had been weak. Accordingly, in April 1802 Jefferson and other leaders instructed Robert R. Livingston, the U.S. minister to France, to attempt to purchase New Orleans for $2 million, a sum Congress quickly appropriated for the purpose.

In his initial approach to officials in Paris, Livingston was told that the French did not own New Orleans and thus could not sell it to the United States. However, Livingston quickly assured the negotiators that he had seen the Treaty of San Ildefonso and hinted that the United States might instead simply seize control of the city. With the two sides at an impasse, President Jefferson quickly sent Secretary of State James Monroe to Paris to join the negotiations.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821), who had come to power in France in 1799, planned in 1801 to use the fertile Mississippi Valley as a source of food and trade to supply a French empire in the New World. However, in 1801 Toussaint L'Ouverture led a slave revolt that eventually took control of Haiti and Hispaniola, the latter of which Napoleon had chosen as the seat of his Western empire. French armies under the leadership of Charles LeClerc attempted to regain control of Haiti in 1802; however, despite some successes, thousands of soldiers were lost in battle and to yellow fever. Realizing the futility of his plan, Napoleon abandoned his dreams for Hispaniola. As a result, he no longer had a need for the Louisiana Territory, and knew that his forces were insufficient to protect it from invasion. Furthermore, turning his attentions to European conquests, he recognized that his plans there would require an infusion of ready cash. Accordingly, Napoleon authorized his ministers to make a counteroffer to the Americans: instead of simply transferring the ownership of New Orleans, France would be willing to part with the entire Louisiana Territory.

Livingston and Monroe were stunned at his proposal. Congress quickly approved the purchase and authorized a bond issue to raise the necessary $15 million to complete the transaction. Documents effecting the transfer were signed on 30 April 1803, and the United States formally took possession of the region in ceremonies at St. Louis, Missouri on 20 December.
It almost gives one a sense of 'Survivor' GUILT.
Guilty for still being alive and doing fine,I almost feel dirty / ashamed.I look within the comforts of home and my two children and do not know the sufferage.
On the streets,I'm a drop-the gloves fist fighter when it needs to get duked out.I win most,lose some.big deal,I still have my teeth where they belong.
But am such a cry-baby of an empath when I see this happen.
Maybe that's why my wife sees a redeeming quality to my many bad attributes.
I am glad I never witnessed Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
Those were purposeful City strikes.
This is tectonic and hurts more.
Because in the streets I see no fight left in the populace.
And I see no over-arching Angel nor Demon--- leaving human aid and human prayer to help these victims.

A City is gone.
A Nation is in upheaval.
I can only offer prayer.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Good post SJ!

Little more backstory..

Informer Links Haitian President Aristide to Medellin Cartel INTERNATIONAL
September-October 1994

Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide took bribes from leaders of a Colombian drug cartel in order to ensure cocaine trafficking routes through Haiti into the United States would continue to stay open, an informant told the Drug Enforcement Administration (Jerry Seper, "Escobar Aide Tells DEA of Aristide Bribe," Washington Times, Oct. 3, 1994, p. 1).

The unidentified informant, a former aide to Pablo Escobar and former lieutenant in the Medellin cartel, said Aristide took a suitcase filled with several thousand dollars from a cartel courier in 1991. The informant said top Aristide officials also took bribes.

The Justice Department rejected a request from Miami DEA officials in September to be allowed to question Aristide about the alleged bribes. Aristide denies ever taking bribes and a spokesperson calls the informant's story "nonsense."

The DEA has long considered Haiti as a major transshipment point for Colombian cocaine to enter the United States. The agency estimates that a ton of cocaine comes through Haiti to the United States every month.

In June, the New York Times reported that American officials in Haiti suspected Haitian military leaders of taking bribes and enabling transshipment of cocaine from Colombia, some earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month (Howard French, "U.S. Says Haiti's Military Runs Cocaine," New York Times, June 8, 1994, p. A15; NewsBriefs, July 1994, p. 6). Aristide has said in the past that the country's military is able to remain in power because of drug cartel subsidies.

It all goes back to 1986
my sense some big undercover drug war
and control of Haiti
2 cartels struggling for power

Quote:Gary Webb: The question is about Manuel Noriega, who was our "man in Panama" for so many years. What happened to Noriega is that --

I don't think it had anything to do with the fact that he was a drug trafficker, because we knew that for years. What it had to do with was what is going to happen at the end of this year, which is when control of the Panama Canal goes over to the Panamanians. If you read the New York Times story that Seymour Hersh wrote back in June of 1986that exposed Noriega publicly as a drug trafficker and money launderer, there were some very telling phrases in it. All unsourced, naturally, you know -- unattributed comments from high-ranking government officials -- but they talked about how they were nervous that Noriega had become unreliable. And with control of the Panama Canal reverting to the Panamanian government, they were very nervous at the idea of having somebody as "unstable" as Noriega running the country at that point.

And I think that was a well-founded fear. You've got a major drug trafficker controlling a major maritime thoroughway. I can see the CIA being nervous about being cut out of the business. [Laughter from the audience.]

But I think that's what the whole thing with Noriega was about -- they wanted him out of there, because they wanted somebody that they could control a little more closely in power in Panama for when the canal gets reverted back to them.

Audience Member #9: Was there much of a profit difference between Nicaragua and Panama as far as the drugs went?

Gary Webb: Well, what Noriega had done was sort of create an international banking center for drug money. That was his part of it. Nicaragua was nothing ever than just a trans-shipment point. Central America was never anything more than a trans-shipment point. Columbia Peru and Bolivia were the producers, and the planes needed a place to refuel, and that's all that Central America ever was. The banking was all done in Panama.

On February 19, 1986, Barry Seal was shot to death in Baton Rouge
Quote:During the Duvalier family dictatorship -- Francois "Papa Doc",
1957-71, followed by Jean-Claude "Baby Doc", 1971-86, both
anointed President for Life by papa -- the United States trained
and armed Haiti's counter-insurgency forces, although most
American military aid to the country was covertly channeled
through Israel, thus sparing Washington embarrassing questions
about supporting brutal governments. After Jean-Claude was forced
into exile in February 1986, fleeing to France aboard a US Air
Force jet,
Washington resumed open assistance. And while Haiti's
wretched rabble were celebrating the end of three decades of
Duvalierism, the United States was occupied in preserving it under
new names.

Within three weeks of Jean-Claude's departure, the US
announced that it was providing Haiti with $26.6 million in
economic and military aid, and in April it was reported that
"Another $4 million is being sought to provide the Haitian Army
with trucks, training and communications gear to allow it to move
around the country and maintain order."{1} Maintaining order in
Haiti translates to domestic repression and control; and in the 21
months between Duvalier's abdication and the scheduled elections
of November 1987, the successor Haitian governments were
responsible for more civilian deaths than Baby Doc had managed in
15 years.{2} The CIA was meanwhile arranging for the release
from prison, and safe exile abroad, of two of its Duvalier-era
contacts, both notorious police chiefs, thus saving them from
possible death sentences for murder and torture, and acting
contrary to the public's passionate wish for retribution against
its former tormenters.{3} In September, Haiti's main trade union
leader, Yves Richard, declared that Washington was working to
undermine the left before the coming elections. US aid
organizations, he said, were encouraging people in the countryside
to identify and reject the entire left as "communist",{4} though
the country clearly had a fundamental need for reformers and
sweeping changes. Haiti was, and is, the Western Hemisphere's
best known economic, medical, political, judicial, educational,
and ecological basket case.

The elections scheduled for 29 November 1987 were postponed
because of violence. In the rescheduled elections held in
January, the candidate favored by the military government was
declared the winner in balloting widely perceived as rigged, and
in the course of which the CIA was involved in an aborted attempt
of unknown nature to influence the elections.{8}

There followed more than two years of regular political
violence, coup attempts, and repression, casting off the vestiges
of the Duvalier dictatorship and establishing a new one, until, in
March 1990, the current military dictator, General Prosper Avril,
was forced by widespread protests to abdicate and was replaced by
a civilian government of sorts, but with the military still
calling important shots.

The United States is not happy with "chaos" in its client
states. It's bad for control, it's bad for business, it's
unpredictable who will come out on top, perhaps another Fidel
Castro. It was the danger of "massive internal uprisings" that
induced the United States to inform Jean-Claude Duvalier that it
was time for him to venture a life of struggle on the French
Riviera,{9} and a similar chaotic situation that led the US
Ambassador to suggest to Avril that it was an apt moment to
retire; transportation into exile for the good general was once
again courtesy of Uncle Sam.{10}

Thus it was that the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince
pressured the Haitian officer corps to allow a new election.
Neither the embassy nor Aristide himself at this time had reason
to expect that he would be a candidate in the election scheduled
for December, although he had already been expelled from his
religious order, with the blessings of the Vatican, because,
amongst other things, of "incitement to hatred and violence, and a
glorifying of class struggle". Aristide's many followers and
friends had often tried in vain to persuade him to run for office.
Now they finally succeeded, and in October he became the candidate
of a loose coalition of reformist parties and organizations.{11}

On the eve of the election, former US Ambassador to the UN,
Andrew Young, visited Aristide and asked him to sign a letter
accepting Marc Bazin, the US-backed and funded candidate, as
president should Bazin win. Young reportedly said there was fear
that if Aristide lost, his followers would take to the streets and
reject the results.{12} Young was said to be acting on behalf of
his mentor, former president Jimmy Carter, but presumably the
White House also had their finger in the pie, evidencing their
concern about Aristide's charisma and potential as a leader
outside their control.

Despite a campaign marred by terror and intimidation, nearly
a thousand UN and Organization of American States (OAS) observers
and an unusually scrupulous Haitian general insured that a
relatively honest balloting took place, in which Aristide was
victorious with 67.5 percent of the vote..

Jean-Bertrand Aristide served less than eight months as Haiti's
president before being deposed, on 29 September 1991, by a
military coup in which many hundreds of his supporters were
massacred, and thousands more fled to the Dominican Republic or by
sea. The slightly-built Haitian president who, in the previous
few years, had survived several serious assassination attempts and
the burning down of his church while he was inside preaching, was
saved now largely through the intervention of the French

Word on the street was he was ousted by Bush2
remember that debacle.

Quote: Two weeks ago, Secretary of State Colin Powell said the elected president of Haiti should not be forced from office by thugs.

Yet last week, as a small band of armed thugs stirred chaos across Haiti in a drive to depose Aristide, the United States refused to aid the country's elected president or its endangered democracy. As the violence spiraled out of control over the weekend Aristide, the first democratically elected president in Haitian history, left the country.

The U.S. State Department, which is seeking to foster the lie that the president and his aides have clean hands, claims that Aristide asked to be taken to safety. Aristide says he was forced to go by U.S. operatives on the ground in Haiti. Considering the fact that the State Department's point man has a long history of defending Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier while attacking proponents of democracy and economic justice such as Aristide, reasonable people will be disinclined to believe the State Department.

No matter what the precise circumstances of the regime change in Haiti, however, the reality was well summed up by U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn. When U.S. officials pointedly refused to aid Aristide, Dodd says, they effectively told the president that he must either leave or die at the hands of an armed insurgency against Haitian democracy.

U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., was blunter. "We are just as much a part of this coup d'etat as the rebels, as the looters, or anyone else," explained Rangel, who explained that the Bush administration "made it abundantly clear that Aristide would do best by leaving the country. Which means that the rebels, the looters ... (were) given to believe that they should never, never, never accept Aristide as the president."

No doubt, Aristide was an imperfect leader, who failed on a number of fronts to live up to his election promises. He was an often ineffectual and disappointing leader.

But many countries have ineffectual and disappointing leaders, including the United States.

President Bush disregarded core American values, as well as its international commitments, by effectively siding with the thugs who used violence and fear to depose the democratically elected leadership of Haiti. Despite the fact that it was the stated policy of the U.S. government to respect Aristide as the elected president of Haiti, Bush and his aides refused to provide the support - economic, political or military - that would have maintained the rule of law in Haiti.

Bush sat back, as blood flowed in the streets of Haitian cities. Only after Aristide left did the U.S. president send a substantial contingent of Marines to help restore order in Haiti,amid flowery talk about how Haiti would now have a bright future

then Clinton restored him to power

Clinton’s forcefully-backed initiative restored democratically-elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power in 1994, Haiti seemed poised to prosper politically and economically. The poorest part of the Americas had promises of abundant international funding, plus UN, OAS, and U. S. assurances of medium-term capacity building efforts. Everyone except the departing military junta wanted Aristide and Haiti to succeed.

The departing military junta lol

President Bill Clinton publicly expressed his support for Aristide’s return to Haiti, and sent the transport USS Harlan County, with hundreds of troops, to insure the transition to democracy. But at the port where the ship was to dock, pro-military government thugs staged a demonstration, prompting the Harlan County to turn back. It was shortly after the images of dead U.S. troops dragged through the streets of Somalia had shocked Americans, and provided an excuse for the Clinton administration to back off from what promised to be another open-ended intervention.

The Boys From the Company
Meanwhile, the CIA was openly running a full-scale disinformation campaign against Aristide. Ultra-conservative North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, a leading opponent of Aristide, brought CIA analyst Brian Latell to Capitol Hill in October, to brief selected senators and representatives on allegations that Aristide had been treated for mental illness. It turned out that the time during which the CIA report alleges Aristide was treated at a Canadian hospital falls within the same period that Aristide was studying and teaching in Israel. Latell also said he saw no evidence of oppressive rule in Haiti.

While Helms was a long-time backer of the brutal dictatorship of Jean Claude Duvalier, the Democrats have their own ties to the human rights violators and drug dealers who rule Haiti




The turnover at the top of the Clinton Administration is brisk
this holiday season. Wily old Texan Lloyd Bentsen has left his
post as Treasury Secretary, pleading fatigue. Mike Espy, the
Agriculture Secretary, has moved on after being caught taking
gifts from Arkansas chicken king Don Tyson. But the change that
has tongues wagging in Washington is the announcement by the
CIA's director, James Woolsey, that he, too, intends to go
his own way. Before Christmas he was telling friends that he
was in for the long haul.

The official word is that the soft-spoken Rhodes Scholar came
to grief because of his handling of the Aldrich Ames affair.
Mr Woolsey has been castigated repeatedly by the chairman of the
Senate Intelligence Committee and others for failing to clean
up his house after it came to light that Ames had sold the
`Crown Jewels' to the Soviet Union, exposing at least 10
Soviet intelligence officials working secretly for the US.

But the damage was done years ago, long before Mr Woolsey's
appointment in 1993. It was Mr Woolsey, in fact, who found the
traitor and exposed him.

The unofficial word is that Mr Woolsey was squeezed out by the
liberal-Left elements in the White House for being too Right-wing,
too close to the foreign policy gurus of the Reagan era, even too

Mr Woolsey set up his own long-range planning group at the CIA.
It was treated as a threat by Tony Lake, the head of President
Clinton's personal foreign policy team at the White House. The
rivalry turned nasty over Haiti.


are we back full circle to 1986?

On October 5, 1986 in Nicaragua, a CK123 Cargo plane, with weapons and CIA employees on board crashed.

This was the beginning ... This was the start of the Iran-Contra affair. It was proven that the weapons were supplied by the CIA and destined for the Nicaraguan Contras in of the Congressional Poland amendments. Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh spent six years determining who in the Reagan administration was involved in the operation. Among those that were involved in this operation were George Bush, Oliver North, Dewey Clarridge, John Pointdexter and Caspar Weinberger.

However, lets go to Mena, Arkansas during this time. The training of pilots and loading of weapons and drugs was taking place. Who was the governor of Arkansas at the time and why is is that Kenneth Starr would not touch this area. That governor at the time is now our President.

In July 1994, in the Arkansas Crime Inc. paper, an editorial linked Clinton to Iran-Contra. In October, 1994 Clinton denied any knowledge of the operation at Mena. Shortly afterwards evidence started to surface that documented Clinton’s link to Iran-Contra. People began coming forward and alleging under sworn statements that that Clinton profited from the operation at Mena by laundering money through the newly created Arkansas Development Finance Authority. That was just the tip of the iceberg regarding what was really going on at Mena. A larger number of people testified under oath that the airplanes returning from Central America were loaded with cocaine, which was then dropped over Arkansas for distribution to larger U.S. cities.

Jan 13, 2010 ... Praising Clinton as a "great friend of Haiti," Haitian Prime Minister Michele . "There is no doubt Bill Clinton loves Haiti and we love him ...
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
is little hell.... a congested microcosm of macrofucked.

What wild history that SJ posted,
I loved that review of the Louisiana purchase and Napolean giving it away for 15 million.
The US got Alaska for what...6 million?
Kripe and krikey,
that is wild.

Nobody wants to buy Haiti though.
The US investment cartel just wants to own all their debt,
and the country's future,
and get all those the voo-dudes working.

EA says
Quote:It almost gives one a sense of 'Survivor' GUILT.
Guilty for still being alive and doing fine,I almost feel dirty / ashamed.

Yes, survivor guilt is flickering in all of us,
but one should not feel dirty or ashamed.
There are far worse human crises in world history.
Humans suffer.
A wishing well prayer for the souls is best you can do, or send money.

Quote:I look within the comforts of home and my two children and do not know the sufferage.

Keep it that way and don't feel guilty at all.
Your kids may not know the "sufferage", but they slowly realize
and surely see it unfold repeatedly,
and begin to realize what sudden death is.
When we were younger.... there was the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge.
I had a hard time coming to grips with that reality of insanity.

Natural catastrophism sometimes is nothing... to ten years of psychopathic governments rule.
Mao in China purged {killed} 30 million people minimum in 30 years,
according to US historic estimates.
A million people a year.
6 million Jews in WWII.
1.25 million a year.

Political economics invades all aspects of human existence.
Mega Profits.

Haiti is about to get..... catastrophism credits.... a form of global banking debt.

Quote:I am glad I never witnessed Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
Those were purposeful City strikes.
This is tectonic and hurts more.

It's just a matter of time.... I am surprised that Polonium 210
hasn't been dispersed yet in a dirty bomb.
Pakistan will unravel, and that is where I suspect the first repetitive history nuke
will consume a city or military base.
If it happens here in the US,
Haiti catastrophism will be nothing compared to the US military response.

Quote:A City is gone.
A Nation is in upheaval.
I can only offer prayer.

natural disasters can strike anyone anywhere anytime. this is why its so important to have at least two months supply of non perishable food on hand. call me a survivalist nutcase, but ill be eating when everyone else is starving
more or less hudsons bay again
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/damned.gif" alt="Damned" title="damned" />
The WOO in me wants to know if the destruction of New Orleans, Detroit, and now Port-au-Prince are the result of a race-based depopulation conspiracy.
Well actually, I think a major reason the US is going in with such force is because afterwards our companies will likely get exclusive rights on rebuilding everything. The amount of construction nessicary is going to be quite great.
Quote:No mountain is too tall if your first step is belief. -Anonymous
...Because even if there were no artifacts anywhere, not studying things of interest is an extreme disservice to science. -Tarius
DISASTER: Obama appoints George Bush for Haiti relief

Obama's selection of George Bush for Haiti relief ties with Obama's Nobel Peace Prize as the most horrendous error. Profiteering from misery is what Bush does best.

By Brenda Norrell

President Obama selected war criminal and corporate thief George W. Bush to head up US relief efforts to Haiti, along with Bill Clinton.

No, this is not a joke or satire. It is not a Saturday Night Live spoof. It is a fact.

Now, the Clinton and Bush duo is pleading with Americans to donate to Haiti relief by way of them.

What percentage of donated money and goods will ever reach those in need if Bush and his circle of thieves are involved?

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Remember the people on rooftops, waving for rescue, day after day on the television news? Remember when day after day no one came to their aid? Remember Katrina. Remember who sent Blackwater assassins to New Orleans during Katrina relief? Remember the toxic FEMA trailer houses for the poor? Remember the good ole boys that said shooting blacks after Katrina was like "pheasant hunting in South Dakota" (as documented in film)?

This is George Bush's legacy during Katrina relief.

Remember the Bush/Cheney years, with torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions, with kidnappings and secret prisons and the corporate warmongering and genocide that caused the US to become one of the most hated nations in the world?

Why bring back Bush?

For anyone who doubted who Obama is, and what he is up to, the choice of Bush should make it clear. ... iti-relief
Advocating for the Space Elevator.<br /><br />User Anonymous revealed ! He is actually me (a previous account). Registered in 2001.<br /><br />~~ Where ever you are Samurai Jane, I miss you
DJ your article is certainly interesting but the word "appoints" is misleading.
Neither Bush or Clinton had an official appointment,
but the tactic is positioning figureheads of American power and influence
in the multi network primetime hit: Global Disaster Live,
starring the US military global relief chaos control saviors to the rescue
in the propaganda extravaganza of US global economic/political policy,
complete with UN Oscar nominations for Clinton and Bush.

Today they were talking about US drones performing scouting flights over Haiti.

An unusual suspension of relief efforts took place today for some reason.
It was the buzz on the CNN Anderson Stupor show.
The UN withdrew large numbers of doctors from field hospitals for "security" reasons,
food and water expected to come in did not arrive....
I suspect that the US military starts moving in with highly visible force tomorrow.
On TV were repeated scenes of live chaos in struggles for food and water,
but only like 3 short video segments of this,
but repeated 200 times like that was happening everywhere.

I heard other reporters talking about the roads being open and traffic moving well,
and wondering why relief suddenly just stopped.

My bets are that Hillary Clinton wants to make USAID
a top vehicle of American foreign economic policy and global propaganda indoctrination
in countries primed for disaster and catastrophe. ... over_usaid
Development community sees Clinton consolidating power over USAID] ... the-rescue
Clinton wants to integrate USAID’s development missions
with diplomatic and defense efforts,
particularly in failing states or conflict areas.

Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.),
the leaders of the Senate committee,
worry that Clinton’s approach misunderstands the long-term nature of development work:

It is also important to consider whether USAID’s growing national security mission
is compatible with its development aims.
For example, can USAID participate effectively in counterinsurgency
and stabilization operations
while maintaining a credible humanitarian presence,
or do these functions demand a new approach altogether?
There is justification for aid programs that have both short-term strategic value
and long-term development objectives,
but the line between these two goals is often blurred.
At a minimum, foreign aid accounts need to be rationalized
so that they support U.S. priorities and the missions of the agencies in which they are located.

How to square the circle?
Stuart Bowen’s proposal for a U.S. Office of Contingency Operations is one way.
Bowen’s so-called USOCO would create an operational structure in crisis situations
for integrating defense, diplomacy and development efforts,
along with humanitarian relief, reconstruction, rule-of-law advisory
and other elements of national power as necessary.
That’s what Clinton wants.

But it would leave USAID alone to focus on long-term development projects,
as Kerry and Lugar want.

Whether Bowen’s proposal will gain traction is a different story.
He’s expected to present the USOCO idea to Congress in the coming weeks
— probably on Jan. 30,
when he presents his next quarterly report on Iraq reconstruction to lawmakers.
(The idea recently won support from the respected diplomat Ryan Crocker.)
Before he does, however, the various foreign-policy departments are expected
to send Bowen their formal perspectives on the merits of USOCO
in the next few days — including, naturally, State and USAID.

USAID ... aiti_N.htm
Shah's brief stint in the Obama Agriculture Department
came after he spent seven years in various roles
at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
which seeks to improve the plight of the world's poor.
He worked to boost farming yields in Africa,
and he helped run an effort that raised more than $5 billion for child immunization. ... ranscript/
Bill Clinton interview transcript at Fox news

[Image: clinton.jpg]

Anyone recall back in the day when a bunch of hippies tried to encircle the Pentagon holding hands, and levitate it?
Quote from Ed Sanders in the 1960's band The Fugs. He says,
"We rented a flat-bed truck and a sound system and we chanted 'out demons out'. It's on the Tederness Junction album. The idea was for a formal exorcism that would exorcise the evil spirits from the Pentagon. It didn't work because the war went on for another seven years. We hoped it would work but we weren't prepared to crawl under it if it levitated."
Quote:An unusual suspension of relief efforts took place today for some reason.
It was the buzz on the CNN Anderson Stupor show.
The UN withdrew large numbers of doctors from field hospitals for "security" reasons,
food and water expected to come in did not arrive....
I suspect that the US military starts moving in with highly visible force tomorrow.
On TV were repeated scenes of live chaos in struggles for food and water,
but only like 3 short video segments of this,
but repeated 200 times like that was happening everywhere.

An interesting idea, have shortages a specific points and time and the people start to riot etc trying to get supplies. Claim the supplies were stopped because of rioting etc and then send in more troops for control, etc etc, something like how everyone is alsways claiming martial law will be declared in the US but of course that has never happened. Perhaps a test to see how people aclimate to something like that?
Quote:No mountain is too tall if your first step is belief. -Anonymous
...Because even if there were no artifacts anywhere, not studying things of interest is an extreme disservice to science. -Tarius
They're doing it just like Katrina: park Anderson Cooper's faggy little puss out there to make fake sympathetic noises in front of the cameras while they wait. It takes 4 days or so for everyone badly injured and/or trapped to die of dehydration, and another day or two longer for everyone else to be too debilitated to turn on the bastards who keep them enslaved.
Another set of poor black people trapped in the sweltering heat without food or water. The whole world's watching AGAIN.
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
Haiti & the Four Stooges
By Jim Kirwan

The four creatures are George H. W. bush, Bill clinton, George bush Jr. and Obamanation, who was just admitted to this elite club of war-criminals. Together their human-rights record in times of Disasters, whether natural or man-made, literally boggles the mind of anyone that thinks the United States Government is ever "here to help."

Hurricane Andrew and its aftermath is one of the most volatile examples of the difference between government spin and on the ground reality in time of need, that the world has seen from these four war-criminals. More than twice as many people died in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, as were murdered in the attacks of 911, yet the public knows virtually nothing about these crimes at all. And to this day the events surrounding Hurricane Andrew in South Florida remain sealed under national security protections.

"The largest natural disaster ever recorded in the history of the United States was hurricane Andrew, which struck South Dade County, Florida, as midnight turned the clock into August 24, 1992. Contrary to what the American news media broadcast across the United States and throughout Europe, the first outer wall of the hurricane unexpectedly slammed intoSouth Dade, packing 214+ mph winds which quickly escalated to 350+ mph. Most of the 414,151 residents living in the danger zone were asleep when the outer wall struck. Thousands of them lost their lives, for no one in South Dade had been evacuated or even advised to evacuate. Instead, residents had been repeatedly informed by local news media that South Dadeshould expect to experience "50 mph winds".

By 11.00 am the following morning, 8,230 mobile homes along with 9,140 apartments had vanished off the face of the Earth. The Hiroshima-like horror was beyond catastrophic. Entire families perished in ways too horrifying to describe. The stench of death had already begun to saturate miles and miles of the massive devastation; the hot humid air was reeking with foul, rotting flesh.

How do I know? Because I was in the midst of it all.
The survivors of hurricane Andrew and the rest of the American people were betrayed by their own government. But the betrayal also extended to foreign nationals. At the time Andrew struck, South Dade was inhabited by a large population of Mexican illegal immigrants. The United States Department of Immigration was fully aware of their presence but quietly turned its back on the situation, knowing full well that South Dade farmers couldn't afford to harvest their crops without the help of the Mexican illegals. The heavily populated migrant camps were situated at the edge of the Florida Everglades. The people who lived there vanished without a trace during that fated night. Many bodies were found way out in the Everglades.

When I lectured at the Clearwater Convention in Florida in 1999, a man in the audience stood up and introduced himself as Chief Petty Officer Roy Howard. He proceeded to address the audience with this exact statement, which is now a matter of public record:

Just for your information, I was called up to active duty after hurricane Andrew went through South Dade County. I spent nine weeks down there. Now I will certify for the benefit of our audience here that the death figures that were officially published are totally inaccurate. According to the information which I received from my own sources within the National Guard, the figure I was quoted when I was down there was 5,280-something. And they were quietly disposed of in incinerators that were hurriedly put together by both the National Guard and FEMA...

As the Chief Petty Officer stated, "5,280-something" bodies were confiscated by the United States National Guard. In addition to this, the Coast Guard independently confiscated "1,500 bodies" from the lakes and surrounding waters. Neither one of these figures embraces the number of dead bodies confiscated by other branches of federal and state government directly involved in the body pick-up operation. This leaves the number of dead confiscated by various US authorities inSouth Dade still unknown.

The total number who died during hurricane Andrew is obviously staggering, yet whenever the "official death toll" is mentioned in the media, a figure of anywhere between 15 and 59 is quoted. The population of the 21 communities annihilated by Andrew's eye-wall had been officially recorded by the Dade County Census Bureau as 415,151 before Andrew struck. Bodies of human beings confiscated and disposed-of like rubbish, as if their lives had no more worth or meaning than a piece of discarded litter--it's horrifying to be suddenly confronted by the same kind of atrocities as perpetrated by the Nazis. Once again repeating history, a master-minded cover-up was dutifully carried out by armed military forces, right smack in the midst of horrendous human suffering.

When Hurricane Andrew slammed into South Dade, the State Attorney of Florida was none other than Janet Reno. Her office was located at the Dade County Court House in the City of Miami. The President of the United States was President George H.W. bush, and the Vice-President was Dan Quayle. Bill clinton was running for President, and Al Gore for Vice-President. Senator Bob Graham held office, and the late Lawton Chiles was Governor of Florida. His successor turned out to be Jeb bush, still the Governor of Florida and, ironically enough, the son of former President bush whose other son, George W. bush, the then Governor of Texas, has since become the "self-selected" President of the United States..." (1)

Andrew happened on the watch of GWH bush with clinton in the wings (Slick-Willie oversaw the cover-up). George bush Junior gave us Katrina, Houston, Galveston, and numerous catastrophic fire storms plus devastating floods. Yet FEMA's record in response to all of this is not just abysmal, it is criminally negligent on all counts, and the whole world knows it: yet nothing is done.

Today Obamanation, the war-president of this Police-state, has announced that he is bringing in George W. bush (junior) and Bill (hands off every real human rights problem) clinton, to assist in organizing the relief for Haiti! Wow ­ apparently not enough people have died yet in Haiti to satisfy these blood-thirsty colonial servants to their puppet-masters; so in the interests of saving political-face instead of human lives: obama wants to bring in the Bigtime Criminals perhaps to oversee the redistribution of any wealth that hasn't already been stolen from the Haitian people.

One other major figure has also been called on: That would be the traitor, former General Colin Powell. People might remember him as the man that sold the world on Weapons of Mass Destruction at the UN, which he knew to be nothing but a pack of lies. Once this was exposed to the world "the general" stayed on rather than do the honorable thing and just resign.

If this were a military operation then this tragedy beyond measure in Haiti would already have seen occupying troops in every open space where helicopters could be landing and taking off every few minutes. Off shore the Seabees and the Army Corp of Engineers would be massing to clear the rubble and re-build the necessary roads; working to reconnect communications, while providing food and medicine wherever needed. Hospital ships would be available for air-evacuations of the most critical patients and all of this would have been in place yesterday. As things stand the major nations are still lining up their talking heads and figuring out how to make Haiti pay for all this generosity that will never arrive!

If this had been a purely military operation the money needed would have been instantly available from the corrupt congress (and from the allied forces of "the willing" nations). All of this effort would have already been contracted out to siphon off as much of this largess as possible; but enough would be left over to at least have eased the pain and to have been successful in saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.

This entire disaster reeks of set-up; but however this "happened" the truth about so many nations will finally be seen in how the aftermath of this earthquake-in-Haiti is actually dealt with. Don't look to the UN or to very many of all those hundreds of privatized agencies-because these kinds of events are why most of those supposedly humanitarian organizations were formed in the first place: to drain the pockets of those that want to help (but only from a distance).

The world is so screwed up right now because this is yet another example of what actually happens when we "never look back" upon all the crimes that every "new" administration continues and usually amplifies upon, just as soon as they take over from the previous criminal-enterprise which of course they succeeded, in their own turn at the trough of draining the public's money to fill the already over-filled pockets for yet more private-profits; wherever that opportunity presents itself. Just yesterday three major credit card companies were caught capitalizing on credit-card transactions that were sent as relief funds which they saw as a major opportunity for unforeseen profits. The companies had to back down on what they thought of as a windfall of 5 to 7 percent profit created by a transaction swipe-fee: This should have been prosecuted as a crime, but once they agreed to reverse themselves (only because they got caught) the whole matter was dropped after a few critical lines on CNN.

Instead of helping anyone, the US media is just racing around holding hands with themselves to wail and morn the crisis; while adding to it with the duplicity of what they have never reported regarding every real crisis that this nation, or indeed any poor nation has ever had to face, anywhere on this planet.

Haiti and its blood-soaked history was raped and brutalized by the French and the Americans along with others because Haitiwas the first black slave-state to have successfully revolted and overthrown their so-called masters. The USA has since invaded and occupied that "poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere" way too often to ever be considered as a nation that cares at all-except of course as a place that invades to redistribute the wealth and the political power of Haiti, every few decades. The French were so helpful from the beginning that they held Haiti in financial bondage for a hundred years while they extorted reparations for the slaves that the French lost when the rebellion succeeded in freeing them. Anyone that thinks that slavery is dead, or that colonial nation-states are a thing of the past needs to read about Haiti in depth: because the history of that tiny Republic is riddled with the contradictions and lies that are still alive and well today.

However the truth is out there among all those security-protected-murders and sealed records, if anyone were brave enough to demand that the records of these 'disasters' be unsealed. But just as Rummy so famously said during the beginning of Shock & Awe in Baghdad "We don't do nation-building" ­ it could be said of this continuing fiasco 'we don't do humanitarian aid either.' The current world is all about private profits and the redistribution of wealth no matter the costs; so much so in fact that someone needs to dig a lot deeper into the causes of this supposed earthquake if any reality is ever to known about what really happened on that conflicted island.

This 'Disaster' will prove to be yet another example of the duplicity and lies that our continued silence has bought and paid for millions of times over just because too few care that they are being treated like a herd of cattle to be used and abused and then slaughtered for the mega-profits of their owners-worldwide! ... andrew.htm
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
Certainly an interesting arcticle there Gard,
a bit extreme in many aspects, but on the money in a lot of what it says as well.
On a critical level, the most glaring mistatement is the quote of the wind speeds of 200-350 mph.
That I doubt, and the person that wrote this should have supplied the "public record"
on the testimony of Chief Petty Officer Roy Howard.
Aside from that the analysis from the commentary is quite good,
though polished with interesting embellishments.
This as well, gave me a quick shiver of me timbers.........

Quote:When Hurricane Andrew slammed into South Dade,
the State Attorney of Florida was none other than Janet Reno.

another quote from the article

Quote:Don't look to the UN or to very many of all those hundreds of privatized agencies-
because these kinds of events are why
most of those supposedly humanitarian organizations were formed in the first place:
to drain the pockets of those that want to help (but only from a distance).

That is true to a large degree.
People got sick of Red Cross management bureaucracy and how much of the donation
is relegated to just maintaining that infrastructure.
Doctors Without Borders might be a better venue, Stars

So this is the future of global catastrophes.
A telethon each time by the Dead Ex Presidents to ask you for money to save the world
from what is really conditions created by corporate banking energy cartels plunder,
so that they can go back in there and start recycling the global banking economics.

They will invoke Harry Truman and John Kennedy from the grave to entertain your donations
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt="Lol" title="lol" />
I can envision Michael Jackson now put on TV to ask for money for Haiti.
Michael Jackson goes to Haiti and hundreds of thousands trample themselves to death to see him.
Then it is the global peace love rock concert to raise money for Haiti with Bono singing for free.

Hey, obviously the "global peace love rock concert for Haiti" is a lot truer to the heart pathway
to convince people to donate and help
than the political arm of the Clinton USAID manifestations in Haiti,
and I like global peace love rock concerts as much as anybody,
but they don't address the core issues of what and why Haiti,
and places like Haiti in these catastrophisms are what they are and created to become
in what.... recycled economic debt?...
in the global corporate banking and energy cartels {and others} geopolitical collusion.

So look ahead twenty years, and predictively there will be even greater catastrophism globally
and I don't care how many Dead Ex US Presidents have telethons,
something other than the current economic global infrastructure had better evolve,
because global mental catastrophism burn out
will eventually overcome the global populations to ... effectively donate,
in "quickie fixie" economics of 5-10 year investment plans in every shit hole of existence.

And at the rate of global destruction currently happening in wars, ecologic apocalypse
and natural catastrophe,
the cost of actually fixing the damage might be assessed
as up to half of your lifetime income in value to be applied to the actual costs.
And I think that is how the current global powers plan on fixing their global futures,
carbon credits...catastrophism credits, credits, ...your
the same way it always been,
the masses pay for their plans, but now we have televized Dead Ex President telethons.

It really is ironically amusing that Bill Clinton
just happens to be the UN special envoy to Haiti.
that's why kirwan posts his email addy on his articles and essays-I've corresponded with him before-drop him an email-he's good peeps. I didn't get it when he's saying that like 15,000 abodes of the metal freestanding type are destroyed with tons of migrant workers totally unaccounted for and yet the deaths were double that of 911... maybe 10x those in NYC.

There was that other good man who was in Florida and witnessed that other monster 'cane over at RMN-Michael somebody and he was saying the same thing. Maybe it was Andrew he was talking about. Same story. And yeah-good on the reminder of what swamp Janet Reno had crawled out of that made her so qualified for what would come under her future jurisdiction with WACO and Ruby Ridge too. Where's that creep at now? Why isn't she over there with the other stooges lending her anti-life expertise on using government agents and military to just go ahead and kill those trapped? Set it all on fire like WACO?

so many major travesties-so many horrendous players still working their world's stage. That's what happens when psychopaths don't swing from the neck until they are dead after being found guilty for crimes against humanity.
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
I looked, but unfortunately I deleted the articale about the Icelandic President sending help to Haiti the very first day. Obama didn't say any help from us would come until the 3rd day. With all the prepositioned supplies after Katrina we couldn't do crap for Haiti? We didn't send help, instead we sent security, can't send help if it isn't secured ya know. The writer was Greg Palenti or something similar, but I can't find him on the web. Interesting it took us 3 days to respond when other countries took only one or two days. China was faster than we were. Iceland (Iceland!!!) offered and sent help the first day.

Why are we so lame?
&quot;Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.&quot; --Aldous Huxley
DJ's article was correct after all,
the Clinton Bush Haiti relief telethon is just as well defined as political appointees.

Arnik says

Quote:Why are we so lame?

They are obviously using the excuses of "logistical nightmare to deploy relief aid"
as a venue of allowing the situation to deteriorate into a full fledged security issue.

Who cares if the Haitians fight over helicopter food?
Just give them the fucking food and water.
The copters don't even have to land.
Just Zardoz that food supply right out of the mouth of those copters
like a shower of meals on wings.
They don't have to dump supplies in a single heap.
If a helicopter spreads out the food drop in a long line of small drops,
the fighting will not be coagulated right at the singular drop sights.

It appears that they {security} are entering into Haiti in a systematic grid of ingress,
to facilitate slow but sure security control.

Where is the pharmaceutical corporation global relief system
of supplying stockpiled antibiotics to Haiti or anywhere like it?
All that can be airlifted in to field hospitals no problem.

Where are the Exxon - Mobil oil tankers with global catastrophism fuel supplies
Haiti runs out of fuel in 3 days?

Headlines this morning,
30 US citizens in a "mass casualty of injuries"
being heli-vac-ed to medical treatment.

The only thing missing from this equation is a pandemic outbreak.

Earthquakes off Argentina today.
Nothing on SOHO to attribute the EQs to,
but it looks like that is either Venus or Mercury there.
I told you that Michael Jackson was going to Haiti.
I told you that they would drag him up from the grave.

You can bid RIGHT NOW!
On the Michael Jackson book presented by J-Lo and Paula Abdul.
It is the CNN Larry King telethon for
Unicef and the Red Cross.

There have been a swath of celebrities,
and many of them have presented some great choices to donate to,
and even some fabulous water purification and also rehydration packets,
that could have been air dropped by the hundreds of thousands at 7 cents a copy.

Larry King sold his suspenders for 1000$.
Some rapper negro is up there now selling his suspenders for 5000$.
Mick Jagger, Snoop Dog, J-Lo, are there and I am sure that Rambo and Mr T. will be there soon.
I am getting some choice CNN images hopefully.

I didn't see CNN addresses any of the other donation venues like Oxfam.

It is the Red Cross-Unicef telethon.
Michael Jackson in Haiti on CNN
Bid on the book live right NOW!
[Image: Haiti.jpg]
Security Issues
Live on CNN
Anderson Cooper at the looting and mayhem rushes out to pull a young Haitian boy from the street,
that has been hit on the head with a brick from looters above on a rooftop.
Give AC credit, he did do what nobody else was doing really.
But nonetheless, the images of the looting and the close-ups of the Live CNN AC rescue drama
are a media and USAID primetime ratings hit
in Security Issues Propaganda impact.

AC then after the footage was finished, proceeded to admit as the official disclaimer,
that this was the only instance of looting and violence they had witnessed so far.

Security Issues

[Image: haitiACStupor.jpg]

Bob... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/reefer.gif" alt=":uni:" title="reefer" />
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