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Next President of the United Fates of America

Is she is ready for ISIS ?

[Image: 121020115217-37-hillary-clinton-1020-hor...allery.jpg]

Is she ready for Putin?

[Image: Hillary+Clinton+Thinks+of+Shirtless+Puti...erally.jpg]

Is she ready for the Jews?

[Image: hillary-clinton-israel.jpg]

you've come a long way baby

[Image: _64112124_hi000318559.jpg]

[Image: bill_hillary_rect.jpg]

[Image: rosie_hillary_500.gif]

so who else is there ... in the democritters cesspool?

Biden?  Horsepoop

How about Kerry?  Hmm2


it's a comedy in the making, and everybody is amused thus far

[Image: enhanced-buzz-8551-1395682454-16.jpg]


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