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Next President of the United Fates of America
Hillary in Nixon's shadow
By Todd S. Purdum
3/7/15 12:27 PM EST
Quote:It is a twist of history not likely to be lost on Hillary Rodham Clinton that only one person in modern times has managed to win the presidency after roughly two decades as a famous and polarizing figure in the first rank of political life. His name: Richard M. Nixon.

The Nixon example comes to mind not only because Clinton is in the midst of re-tooling herself and her staff for a 2016 campaign that will presumably introduce at least some version of a “New Hillary,” but because the bombshell news that she kept at least 55,000 pages of business emails sent during her tenure as Secretary of State on a private account has struck some observers as, well, Nixonian.

The editorial page cartoon by David Fitzsimmons in Friday’s Los Angeles Times, the newspaper that helped propel Nixon to prominence, depicted Clinton writing “THNX” on an I-Phone as her friendly IT guy flashes a thumbs-up and a jowly smile wreathed by the unmistakable visage and five o’clock shadow of Tricky Dick himself.

Not even Clinton’s harshest critics could claim that Servergate (or Chappaquadata, or whatever it may come to be called) constitutes a high crime or misdemeanor. But it does connote a reflexive wariness about her enemies – a wariness that sometimes seems to border on paranoia – that has long dogged Clinton, and that struck at least a few old Nixon hands as familiar.

Quote:In 1968, with the help of Madison Avenue and a young show-biz whiz named Roger Ailes, Nixon managed to position himself, to coin a phrase, as “likable enough” to be president. Yet there was never a “New Nixon,” any more than there is likely to be a “New Clinton.”

“But I will say this,” added Buchanan, who last year published a book about that campaign, “The Greatest Comeback.” “There was about Nixon in the early period in the comeback a sense of fatalism, a sense there was an opening down the sideline to the nomination. And maybe it’s because we weren’t under real pressure from Romney or anyone else, we were like a bubble going through that revolutionary period. And he did not get back into that mode I think he’d been in in the 1960 campaign, when staff relations were bad and bitter, until about nine months after we got into the White House.”
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