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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:(Nick Meyer)  It’s become well known in the alternative media that the Monsanto Company is more than just a producer of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified seed; it runs far deeper than that.

The St. Louis-based company also wields enormous political influence, seen in the success of former executives like Michael Taylor, the current Deputy Commissioner of Foods for the FDA, and Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto attorney turned Supreme Court Justice who has done has part to protect the company in his current position.

When it comes election time, the big “M” figures prominently in several ways, most notably thanks to political insiders like Jerry Crawford, a law and lobbying specialist whose most prominent client was Monsanto.

He’s worked on the Clinton, Gore and Kerry campaigns previously and has now he’s all set to work closely with the latest top Democratic candidate (and longtime Monsanto supporter).
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