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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:After Friday afternoon's release of 94,000 emails between Cylvia Hayes and former Gov. John Kitzhaber's staffers, reporters pored over the documents dating back to the beginning of his third term in 2011.

Now it's your turn.
Quote:link on Gov. Kate Brown's state site.

If you decide to wade in, share with the community what you find to be the most interesting, the most revelatory, the most troubling documents. Copy the email and post it as a comment on this thread and send it to the watchdog team at The Oregonian/OregonLive via email to

So far, the emails have provided more insight into Kitzhaber's knowledge of Hayes' deep involvement within his administration and across state government since early in his third term. Some of the communications contradict how the governor has characterized his work to keep Hayes' government and business roles distinct. They also belie Hayes' argument that she was not a public official.

We're particularly interested in exchanges showing Kitzhaber's involvement, including emails sent to him, covering the following potential situations:
•Discussing questionable legal and ethical matters.
•Helping with Hayes' contracts or clients
•Compelling state officials to bend laws or override his office's ethical guidelines to help business associates or donors
•Deliberating efforts to conceal information from the public or from state or federal investigators
•Using his position for financial advantage, such as income, loans or taxes

We're also interested in any evidence of Hayes' inappropriate use of the former governor's office for her benefit or the benefit of her clients.

From reader submissions, we'll pick the five best to be rewarded with a Watchdog cap from the investigative team of The Oregonian/OregonLive.

-- Laura Gunderson and Nick Budnick



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