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Next President of the United Fates of America


Just before I left this morning,
I saw Rand Paul take the stage and announce his candidacy.

I started to listen and my attention lasted all of 30 seconds,
and I was gone.

No doubt that I would have done this with any candidate Whip
giving their introductory candidacy speech.

None the less RP was too staged and credit card plastic in his delivery.

But here is an interesting development.

Rand Paul says Hi
I will show you the money Guitar
Rand Paul wants to cut taxes. Like no one else before.

And he wants to do it by way of a "flat tax."

Quote:"As President,
I would promote a Fair and Flat Tax plan, known as the 'EZ Tax.' Rofl

[Image: money_back_guarantee.jpg]

Quote:My tax plan would be the largest tax cut in American history Applause
reforming individual, business, and worker taxes,

Quote:He also wants to simplify the tax code Whip
eliminate the estate and gift taxes Whip
and wipe out investment taxes too Whip

Single, flat tax rate: 17%

Businesses would be subject to the same 17% rate.

Capital gains, dividends and interest would be tax free.

Low- and middle-income workers would get an exemption from the Social Security tax.

Estate and gift tax: Eliminated.

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): Eliminated.


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