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Next President of the United Fates of America
Wook's post by Twain
Quote:On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying

Quote:Joking aside,
I think there is much need of wise examination into what sorts of lies
are best and wholesomest to be indulged,
seeing we _must_ all lie and we _do_ all lie,
and what sorts it may be best to avoid--
and this is a thing which I feel I can confidently put into the hands
of this experienced Club--a ripe body,
who may be termed, in this regard, and without undue flattery,
Old Masters.

[Image: bkfjlbtccai-jea.jpg]

Quote:Clinton has been quietly hiring staff for months,
including top Obama and Clinton aide John Podesta
and former Obama Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri,
and she reportedly just signed a lease for campaign headquarters in Brooklyn last week

[Image: Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_6.56.28_AM.png]

[Image: hillary-clinton-daily-show.jpg?w=446&h=299&crop=1]


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