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Next President of the United Fates of America


"Marco! Marco! Marco!"

that is what all the noise was in the background as Rubio took the stage this morning
and announced his candidacy.

He took the stage,
started to speak .... and I lasted all of 30 seconds before I turned off the TV,
and said enough is enough.

The 30 second judgement period.
That is all they get from me.
As soon as they all start to:
yak yak Yak
they get 30 seconds of my time,
and if nothing but ... yak ... comes out of their pie hole,
then pie hole gets TV black screened.

So a quick look at Rubio from PBS is interesting:

The budget:  Balance it. Prioritize defense.
Quote:.... has long advocated freezing spending for everything but defense at 2008 levels. 

This year, the Florida senator proposed raising defense spending.
He voted for the Senate Republican plan,
which balances the budget and cuts $4.3 trillion in spending,
including funds from Medicare and other programs.

Climate change:  It is real. It is not caused by man.

Quote:Rubio supported a Senate measure stating that 
“climate change is real and not a hoax.”
On a separate vote,
he opposed a measure stating that human activity
contributes to changing temperatures.
That reflects a consistent stance from Rubio that mankind is not having the effect
on the climate that scientists portray.

Obamacare:  Repeal it. Replace it with tax credits and fewer regulations.

The Internet:  Oppose net neutrality.

Immigration: Work toward reform, piece by piece.

Social issues: Ban abortion after 20 weeks.
Marriage is between a man and a woman, but the Supreme Court will decide the law.

Taxes: Cut corporate taxes to 25 percent. Rofl
Simplify individual brackets. Add $2,500 child tax credit.

Cuba: Block the Obama administration’s “normalization”
Quote:In March,
Rubio sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry,
urging the administration to keep Cuba on its list of state sponsors of terror. Bricks

Iran: Toughen sanctions. Scrap proposed nuclear deal.

Islamic State: Increase the president’s power to combat.

Quote:Rubio wants to increase the president’s power to attack the Islamic State group Whip
and has strongly opposed  Naughty
the Obama administration’s war powers request,
which would set a three-year time limit
and rule out
“enduring offensive ground combat operations.”

In addition, Rubio told Fox News
he would like a permanent U.S. presence in Iraq to counteract Islamic State

New Republic trashing Rubio:
Marco Rubio Is the Most Disingenuous Republican Running for President
He's not a reformer. He's a fraud.

Quote:If Rubio were both serious and talented enough
to move his party away from its most inhibiting orthodoxy,
in defiance of those donors,
his candidacy would represent a watershed.
His appeal to constituencies outside of the GOP base would be both sincere and persuasive.

But Rubio is not that politician.
He is no likelier to succeed at persuading Republican supply-siders
to reimagine their fiscal priorities
than he was at persuading nativists to support a citizenship guarantee
for unauthorized immigrants.

In fact, nobody understands the obstacles facing Marco Rubio
better than Marco Rubio.

But rather than abandon his reformist pretensions,
or advance them knowing he will ultimately lose,
Rubio has chosen to claim the mantle of reform  Rofl
and surrender to the right simultaneously—
to make promises
to nontraditional voters he knows he can’t keep.  Whistle

My colleague Danny Vinik proposes that Rubio
wants to
"improve the lives of poor Americans"
but he must "tailor [his] solutions to gain substantial support in the GOP,
and those compromises
would cause more harm to the poor."
I think this makes Rubio the most disingenuous candidate in the field.

Quote:Either Rubio is promising to run up bigger deficits than any president in history,
or he’s swindling someone.

Upper income tax cuts, middle class tax credits,
anti-poverty spending—
at least one of these will have to give.
The experience of watching his tax plan evolve
tells us a great deal about which one won’t.


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