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Next President of the United Fates of America
Ann Coulter frothing at the mouth again

loves to be a B-I-T-C-H 

Quote:She was invited by KSU College Republicans 

to discuss what Republicans need to stop doing 
if they want to win the upcoming presidential election.

“That’s my job to be an attack dog, 
and I think I’m great at it,” Coulter said.

Getting harder for vampire bitches to get attention these days,
and Fox News media whores like Coulter and O'Reilly 
are left to trade vomit with each other. 

Coulter ---> 989 <--- O'Reilly    Rofl

Quote:Very few Kennesaw students were in attendance for Coulter’s lecture. 

So she sharpens her cat claws on the quickly sinking ship Rand Paul and rakes his face,
and then
sinks her venomous fangs into Jeb Bush for good measure.

Quote:The week Rand Paul announced his candidacy 
and he lost his temper with an NBC news anchor starting his campaign out on a sour note. 

“This is the problem with libertarians. 

They’re like special needs children. Crying 
They can be lovable Nonono
but they’re a lot of work,” Rofl Whip
Coulter said.

Coulter firmly believes that candidates should not be the attack dogs 

when it comes to mainstream media. 
That is her bitch job. 
But attacking the media may not be enough when Hillary Clinton 
has raised over 2.5 billion dollars for her campaign. 

Among the republican candidates Jeb Bush has far outraised the other candidates. 
Coulter believes however 
that money will not decide the presidency. 

I think voters are more important than money as Jeb Bush is about to find out,” Coulter said.

As much as Coulter is detestable,
she made great comments on the two candidates Rand Paul and Jeb the Joker Bullsh Whip

Rand Paul sinking fast.
the Dark Horse in the race -- Rubio on the rise,
Scott Walker playing it cool and casual while Coulter vamps for him,
Jeb Bullsh looks like String Bean Stupidissimo on that Velcro Fly Diet or whateverthefuckitwas 

I still don't see any of the above Pennywise ' s 
winning over
on the Dynamic Duo

Buttman and Rodham

[Image: bill-hillary-clinton-1993.jpg]


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