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Next President of the United Fates of America
scroll down to ----> 2016 Republicans foreign policy credentials
... and they tossed in Hillary as well ... 12 candidates rated

Quote:Jeb Bush cited his brother, former President Yak George W. Bush Pennywise  Whip
as one of his main advisers Rofl
on the Middle East in a private meeting in Manhattan on Tuesday, 
according to three people who attended the off-the-record event.

The comment came as a shock to some Jawdrop
who were in the room because Jeb, 
a likely presidential contender, has taken pains to publicly distance himself 
from his brother and his controversial policies, particularly in that area of the world.

Note that in the suggested 2016 Republicans foreign policy credentials
Walker fails miserably, and Rubio is on a roll.

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