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Next President of the United Fates of America
State Dept. Spox Jen Psaki can't name any of the Administration's successes against ISIS 

that is because she is an Obama media ho-show stupidissimo Whip


Obama admin. air strikes just ---> severed the spine of Bakr al-bad-Daddy in a missile attack,
striking at the core of ISIS. 

Bakr-Abu al-Baghdadi ----> Kickbut <---- US air force

credentials earned on that one

Note that in the suggested ----> 2016 Republicans foreign policy credentials
I stated:
Rubio ---->  is on a roll.

Rubio was by far the most qualified, and Walker was by far the least qualified in the listings.

I think that when it comes to tough titties and hard nipples in foreign policy,
---when push comes to shove---
Hillary will make the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher look like Mary Poppins or the Flying Nun.

Foreign policy is having a foo burger in a Chinese restaurant to Scott Walker Rofl

Bush can bullshit his bat boy chat on the entire CIA playbook while winging up mass donations.  Anon 

Cruz can demonize butterfly dust into a threat to national securtity. Pennywise

Chris Christie and Rick Perry are like Ren and Stimpy at a nude female mud wrestling event Holycowsmile

Rand Paul might or might not cough up a maybe or a maybe not,
on the monkey see if the monkey do,
what the fuck the monkey ought to do. Poop

Rubio does have a noted record of experience at the very least.

Rubio wins,
and the guy has a solid chance to undo Bush, 

and put a fresh face up against ----> the Worship Queen of Benghazi :bellydance:


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