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Next President of the United Fates of America
Chump Change  --- Rubio has empty pockets and lots of debt

Quote:Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, meanwhile, recently had to liquidate a retirement fund to pay for a new fridge.

That detail was part of an array of questionable financial decisions -- 

including bad real-estate deals Whip
hundreds of thousands of dollars in school debt  Doh  
and a handful of luxury purchases Anon 
including an $80,000 boat Hmm2 
that have left Rubio one of the poorest candidates in the GOP presidential field Nopity 
with an estimated net worth of just $444,000 Sheep  in 2013  
according to the Center for Responsive Politics.  

Taken together, Rubio's financial choices prompted The New York Times 
to outline "persistent doubts about his financial management" 
that could impact his presidential bid in a profile this week.


El Stupidissimo
Jeb Beanpole Bush


Quote:Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush Horsepoop is warning Russia Rofl
that if he becomes president Jawdrop 
the U.S. will do more to tamp down Vladimir Putin's aggression Whip
especially in Ukraine and Eastern Europe
 and to
"isolate his corrupt leadership from his people." 

But Bush did little to tip his hand on what those steps would be Anon 

Bush was critical of what he termed a reactive approach to crisis in Eastern Europe by the Obama administration. 

But his prescriptions were largely along the lines of what the U.S. is already doing, 
primarily pushing economic sanctions on Russia and sending military equipment and economic aid to Ukraine Hmm2

As for NATO military exercises being conducted in Eastern Europe, 

Bush agreed they were "forward-leaning" 
and a useful signal to Moscow of the alliance's determination. 
"I think we should probably do it more robustly," he said.
Scott Walker, Our First Socialist President

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