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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:MINNEAPOLIS — With every election that goes by, U.S. presidential candidates increasingly see social media reach as a key indicator of their popularity, and a barometer as useful as more traditional forms of polling. One candidate in the 2016 election is already in the lead of the social media game in one key measurement: the number of fake followers to her Twitter account!
Vocativ reported Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account has more fake followers than any other candidate. Only 65 percent of her 2.3 million followers deemed legitimate by TwitterAudit, a tool which judges a Twitter account’s authenticity based on its number of tweets, the date of its last tweet and the ratio of its followers to friends.
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump fared the best, with 90 percent of their followers deemed genuine. Both Trump and Clinton have over 2 million Twitter followers, while Sanders is still working to reach his first 70,000. The independent senator from Vermont is far more popular on Facebook, where he has 1.2 million followers.
Sarah Kaufman and Ryan Beckler, who wrote the report for Vocativ, note that fake followers could be spam or “bot” accounts unrelated to the political campaign, or they could be “accounts created by real people but with an agenda of spreading political advertisements.”
“But under both scenarios,” they write, “they are certainly not a genuine measure of candidate popularity.”

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