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Next President of the United Fates of America
Mayito says,
Quote:Why the hate towards what Obama is doing with Cuba?
There are 11+ millions of Cubans living below poverty levels, 
any help that comes from the USA will help rise Cuban economy. 
Many people say "Oh the Castros communism" dont do business with them.

I don't see any hate exhibited here in that regard.
Do you mean the normalization of political relations and the reopening of trade and such,
as a benefit to Cubans here and ostensibly to their families in Cuba as a result?
I don't see a big problem with that, as long as immigration procedures are followed properly.
Reopening political relations with any country will contribute to immigration.

The situation with Shit Head Sanchez who shot Steinle is much different.
There has to be a new punishment for repeated deportation convictions,
so that they have incentive to stay home.

3 strikes for adults, and you get the El Diablo shark swim.
if you want compassion  Luv
you make the Mexican government PAY for EACH Whip Deportation Whip

Then you know what happens?
The Mexican government has to develop chain gangs of hard labor road crews,
from their massive penitentiary south of the border housing all the illegal repeat deportees.
Put them to work in Mexico <----

That is incentive to stay home for repeat offenders. 
That is not hate, that is putting some responsibility on to the Mexican govt.

Mayito says

Quote:What about Viet Nam, what about Russia, 
what about all the arab countries, how about China? 
Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.

Number One: fuck China, 
I hope their tanking stock market sends their economy into flames,
and revolt and chaos ensues there.
Chinese would come here by the tens of millions if they could.
Hell no.
This country took massive amount of Vietnamese after the collapse of South Vietnam govt,
we did our part.

Arab countries?
where do we have a problem with illegal immigration from Arab countries?

Of the several countries you just mentioned, the Russian people I have seen immigrating here,
on the whole are far better educated and far less likely to be a crime statistic.
They are usually fluent in English, and most are quite intelligent.
Vietnamese have been a far better choice in immigration quality of person than the Chinese.

Russians, Chinese, Arabs and Vietnamese ... do not swim the Rio Grande in vast numbers.
Cubans will not suddenly be coming across the Carribean in droves.

We have a major problem at the Mexican border, and that includes other poor Latin American countries.
Honduras is an infestation of lawlessness and gangs.
Mexico is not a lot less dangerous actually, look at the drug cartel killings.
They all have to cross that border.
This country cannot absorb the influx of populations that could come at us from Central America.
It has to be controlled.  
Russia, China, Vietnam and Cuba do not have large {or any} demographic infestations of criminal lawlessness, 
like you see in Mexico and Honduras.

That isn't hate to get tough on illegal immigration,
it's common sense to have a calculated and serious policy on influx of foreign populations.

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