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Next President of the United Fates of America


Donald Trump gave out Lindsey Graham's personal cell number to America

Quote:Trump and Graham have engaged in an ongoing feud in the past few days 
as they battle for the Republican presidential nomination. 
In Trump's speech Tuesday, 
he called Graham an "idiot," Rofl
after Graham called him a "jackass" Rofl
in aninterview Monday with CNN's Kate Bolduan.

Trump gave out Grahams private cell phone number and urged attendees to call it.
"Give it a shot," Trump said, 

urging people to call the state's senior senator.

All the rest of the presidential candidate news is garbage, except for Rand Paul.
Only Trump and paul offer something with some hot sauce,
and all the rest just bore you to death.

Rubio boring me to death

Ted Cruz boring me to death

Scott the Weasel Walker
This was interesting at first, 
then while reading the article, I got bored to death.

this was funny,
Chris Yak Christie has Smeg Whitman the old ebay alpha whore behind him now,
but she bores me to death 
and Christie makes me sick

this is funny from a retard on pain killers and liquor and hot dogs -- Rick Perry, 
and then he bores you to death
Rick Perry compares Trump to cancer

Jeb el Stupidissimo Bush bores dustballs to death
Yak Bush 

Rand Paul 
has the hot suace as well,
and this is great stuff.

[b]Watch Rand Paul Destroy the Tax Code With a Chainsaw[/b] 
Quote:Paul talks about creating a one-page tax form with a 14.5% flat tax and destroying “all 70,000 pages” of the U.S. tax code.

Then, for dramatic effect, 

he sets stacks of paper on fire, 
shoves them in a wood-chipper 
and takes a chainsaw to them, 
while an electric guitar squeals the national anthem.


They are all retards, numb-nuts and clowns,
except for Trump and Paul.


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