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Next President of the United Fates of America

Trump absolutely stole all the steam Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush had.
Bush announced his candidacy, and had the cat bird seat for 2 days.
Trump announced his candidacy the day after Bush did,
and in a few days he was at the top, ... a great tactical move that worked.

Rubio, unlike Trump, disappeared the day Bush announced his candidacy,
and has sank like a rock ever since.
Look at those headlines.

Quote:Virtually every major pollster has shown Rubio’s chances 
at being a serious contender for the GOP nomination slipping away in recent months, 
and the new CNN-ORC International poll is no different.
Rubio was supposed to be the golden boy who could woo the donor class 
but still excite the grassroots. 
He’s succeeded in winning over lots of big-money backing, 
with billionaire donors like Oracle’s Larry Ellison, 
casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, 
Miami-area auto dealer Norman Braman, 
and more behind him. 
But he’s failed so far to gain traction among the voting class—
the people a candidate needs to win over to win elections since politicians, 
as much as they might want to, can’t buy electoral victory.

Trump again knows when to pounce.
Trump knows that Dummy Dust Jeb Bush isn't any immediate threat,
but he also sees exactly who is standing there in the polls next to Bush.

Rofl  Trump's Whipping Boy Du Jour

Trump goes on the attack again, with Scott Walker as his latest target

Quote:“Finally, I can attack!” 
Trump said at a packed rally at Oskaloosa High School.

“Wisconsin’s doing terribly. Whip
It’s in turmoil. Whip
The roads are a disaster Whip 
because they don’t have any money Whip to rebuild them. 
They’re borrowing money like crazy. Whip
They projected a $1 billion surplus, Whip
and it turns out to be a deficit of $2.2 billion. Whip
The schools are a disaster. Whip
The hospitals and education was a disaster. Whip

And he was totally in favor of Common Core!” 

The mention of the state-driven education standards — from which Walker, 
like many Republican governors, has walked away — incited a prolonged boo. 

“The dude’s badass, no question about it,” 
said Dave Moore, 30, a National Guard veteran and welder. 
“Republicans keep sending chihuahuas to a pitbull fight and being nice, 
and the only time they’re mean is to each other.”

On his first visit to the caucus state since the McCain insult, 
Trump drew a crowd of 1,300 
in a city of 11,463. 
He cleaned up his remarks about veterans, 
from the stage and in the crowd. 
He talked with characteristic gusto about 
securing a spot in the party’s first sanctioned debate, "
scheduled for Aug. 6.
“I’m going to be there,” Trump told reporters, “much to the chagrin of many people.”

Trump did all of this at a four-hour spectacle — 

the Make America Great Again Rally and Family Picnic — 
that felt like a New York cinematographer’s idea of an “Iowa event.” 

A campaign bus stood unused until Trump posed in front of his, 
giving a double thumbs-up before hopping into an SUV. 
The outdoor barbecue was so large that Trump endorser Tana Goertz — 
who had been a contestant on Trump’s NBC series, “The Apprentice” — 
asked the crowd to gorge themselves a little more. 
“Mr. Trump can’t take all this food home on the plane,” she said.

What I really like about Trump,
is that he stole the momentum that Bush had,
right out of Bush's pocket.

Trump might get .... liquidated ...
if he actually stays at the top and looks like he will take the 'Pubs ticket.  


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