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Next President of the United Fates of America

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forum disappeared for 10 minutes ....

back to business , good thing I use C & P on everything now.

excerpts from all articles:

GOP suck monsters ---- Scott the Weasel Walker

Since his emergence as a top-tier contender in January, 
Scott Walker has moved closer and closer to Ted Cruz’s end of the GOP-spectrum

Quote:Take, for example, 
how the two are approaching the candidacy of Donald Trump. 

Cruz has lavished praise on The Donald; 
this morning, Walker told Fox News 
that his position on immigration is similar to that of Trump’s 
(the most notable aspect of which, of course, is to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it,). 

Then, the Wisconsin governor took a page from the Cruz playbook, 
telling Glenn Beck that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is part of the problem in Washington. 

“We were told if Republicans got the majority in the United States Senate, 
there would be a bill on the president’s desk to repeal Obamacare,” Walker said. 

“It is August. Where is that bill? 
Where was that vote?”  
But Walker made the biggest splash today when he said he is in favor of ending birthright citizenship. 

Meanwhile Rubio struggles to make news

Quote:Marco Rubio dismissed Donald Trump’s immigration plan as not feasible, 
and said he disagreed with the billionaire about ending birthright citizenship.

Rubio also said Trump’s plan to deport all the illegal immigrants already in the country was unrealistic. 

“We have 12 or 13 million human beings that have been here for a long time. 
And there is really no, there’s not really a realistic way 
of rounding up and deporting 12 or 13 million people
 and our nation wouldn’t want to do that anyway,” Rubio said.  

Rubio, who was a co-sponsor of the failed immigration overhaul two years ago, 
said changes to the immigration system would have to happen incrementally.

Cruz and Trump don't sling shit at each other,
and Trump is stealing all the votes from Bush and Weasel Walker in Iowa.

But Cruz is on the steep rise suddenly:
Why Ted Cruz has the best chance of becoming the GOP nominee

Quote:He may not have the buzziest campaign of the 2016 cycle thus far, 
ceding the stage to standouts — 
like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina — 
who have hit a populist nerve. 
But Trump, Carson, and Fiorina — even more so than Sanders — are outsiders, 
and despite Cruz's penchant for making enemies and alienating people, 
he's playing a deeply inside game.

It's working like a charm. 
And his fellow insiders should be at least mildly terrified.

Here's the Cruz playbook. 
First, count on the other insider insurgents to flame out or fade. Lol

That's already happening to poor Rand Paul.
(Things are so dire in the Paul camp that he's had to fall back on his father as a fundraising surrogate.)  Hmm2

It's happening, in slow motion, to Scott Walker Whip
whose lunkheaded approval of $80 million in public subsidies for a new NBA arena 
is just the latest indicator that he's not as conservative 
or compelling a candidate as his supporters had hoped.

The next puzzle piece to fall into place is Rick Perry. 
Even for Cruz, who has happily made himself a hate figure in the oh-so-collegial Senate, 
dumping on Perry would be bad form. 
It's essential to the Cruz campaign that Perry take himself out — 
and that's nearly a done deal, now, too.

With Cruz holding steady in the polls, 
the stage is just about set for him to emerge as the only "true conservative" in the race 
with the brains and the chops to match the purity. 

Although those qualities definitely prevent Cruz from beating Trump or Fiorina 
in the invisible populist primary, 
establishment types know full well that Cruz is the only viable candidate 
who the right's populists and elites can both stomach.

Jeb el Stupidissimo Bush
Jeb Bush is even more disliked than Donald Trump, poll finds

Quote:While Donald Trump may have a net unfavorable rating 
of minus 20 percentage points among registered voters, 
Jeb Bush is faring even worse. 

The latest CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday shows Bush 
with a net unfavorable rating two points lower than Trump's, 
at minus 22 percentage points.
Even amongst just the Republican population, 

Bush is still polling worse than Trump. 
The Donald's rise in the Republican primary polls continued this week with 24 percent, 
while the former Florida governor trailed by 11 percentage points, 
coming in second at 13 percent. 
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson came in third with 8 percent.

Hillary Clinton is rooting for Jeb Bush

There’s just one problem—
the Clintons want Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee, too.

Quote:It was Trump himself who picked up on this fact Applause
when Hillary Clinton singled out Bush for criticism over his remark 
that “I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” 

Bush later said he “misspoke.” 
(This is supposed to be the safe, gaffe-free candidate, right?)  Rofl

By going after Jeb directly, and far from the first time, 
the Clintons want to “elevate” him, 
Trump charged Whip 
because they know they can beat him.

Here’s something you don’t hear, well, ever, in Washington: 
Donald Trump is right. <----------------  Hi 

—Republicans ought to think hard about the reasons why Bush Whip
might be the easiest of the serious GOP contenders for the Clintons to beat. 

And it’s not just because they’ve done it before. Lol


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