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Next President of the United Fates of America

Scott Weasel Walker
This fucking idiot is toast.

A sinking ship ... faster than even Rand Paul can say "a starving pig in a blanket" to his own polling problems ...

Quote:Walker came under fire Monday after saying Sunday 
that talk of building a wall along the U.S. border with Canada 
was a "legitimate" discussion.


Quote:Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul replied Monday 
"That's a pretty dumb idea," 
and Mike Murphy, who's running Jeb Bush's Right to Rise super PAC, 
tweeted that the comment showed Walker is "not ready."

This is the second time in recent days that Walker has struggled with an issue. 
Two weeks ago, Walker shuffled between three answers on "birthright citizenship" 
before saying he would oppose ending it.

now Glen Beck is joining the Trump - Cruz anti Iran deal


Meanwhile Rubio languishes in Nowhere Land

Marco Rubio is now the Nowhere Man
Donald Trump Vs. Marco Rubio On China And Japan: Why Trump Is The Better Man 

Quote:Marco Rubio is writing about 
“approaching Beijing on the basis of strength and example, 
not weakness and appeasement. …
Beijing’s protectionist economic and trade policies increasingly endanger 
America’s financial well-being. 
China is also a rising threat to U.S. national security.”

Let us be clear: 
Both Trump and Rubio are both exaggerating and distorting reality. 
But between the two, 
what Rubio believes and advocates reveals a degree of:
ignorance Whip
irrationality Whip
paranoia Whip
 and bellicosity Whip
that would, if he became president Nonono
(or, much more likely, vice president) <-----
be dangerous and potentially disastrous for the United States.

Between the two, Trump would be a vastly more effective and successful leader 

in relations with China. 
We can expect that the same would apply to Japan.

The above article goes on to talk about US military treaty obligations to South Korea and Japan,
that trump has talked about being non beneficial to the US.
It compares Rubio and Trump political positiins on this:
worth the read!

Marco Rubio is The Nowhere Man
about to step into a black hole

[Image: 2156c2743798c5625a1ecd95e92e1876.jpg]

Rubio is unconvincing. 

[Image: he__s_a_real_nowhere_man_by_crispy_gypsy.jpg]



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