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Next President of the United Fates of America

That idiot Bush wants to put Margaret Thatcher on the 10$ bill.


[Image: dyCHBqQ.jpg]

then Fiorina nailed Bush with:

Quote:The pot nowadays isn't the pot Jeb smoked twenty years ago Whip

Bush low fiving with Trump was sad and lame.

Trump scored well with the vaccine issue IMO,
and I will bet that Carson will lose polling points more so than Trump,
and all the others gain a point or two here or there,
with Bush saving himself enough to hang in there like the hang dog bone head he is.

Nobody failed in the debate and nobody gained that much.

I liked Rand Paul's answers though somewhat sedately offered, 
Rubio was interesting and ready,
Cruz was eloquent but a little too Slyly Whiplash,
Carson was too boring and all Cream of Wheat, 
Trump held his own convincingly enough to show that all the rest are still second rate hacks,
and Bush was a polished Stupidissimo that is best remembered in the debate
as putting Margaret Thatcher on the 10$ bill, and being a pot head 20 years ago,
trying to convine everybody that he has testosterone on stage.
Fiorina is too cutesy and pissy prissy perfect at the same time,
Weasel Walker was dripping with slime the entire debate,
Kasich is just so what, so just shut up,
and that snot Christie is the eternal snoid that might gain a point in the polls.

The Atlantic just gave Fiorina the win.

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