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Next President of the United Fates of America
On Rubio,
he showed something different this time, and what he needs to do more often.
... he needs to get nasty with style ...
take a lesson from Trump's play book, but in his own way.

Rubio did that in one moment on the debate.

Did you notice that f-ing idiot Jake Tapper Whip {the CNN moderator},
address Rubio as ... Rand Paul?


Well Rubio was not happy.
His response was quick and sharp.
he said this with a sarcatic smile that was excellent,
Quote:Yea, we all look alike don't we Jake?

That was a major put down of the CNN moderator.
It was the way Rubio did it.
He came out spontaneously in disgust of Tapper who deserved to be taken off the program on the spot,
for addressing Rubio as Rand Paul.
That is what Rubio needs to display, more spontaneous splash just like that.
Rubio did well in the debate for the most part.
Rand Paul is a good statesman,
but he comes off too Hollywood Roman Senator in a white sheet and hazy halo.
Cruz is too articulate in massive snoid factor.
Carson decomposed on stage into a melt pool of boredom, 
and Bush was the same pinhead goof ball he always is.
Trump held his own, and Pissy Fiorina thinks she scored a TKO,
but she just sat down from round 2.
Weasel Walker is finished.
So are the rest, and Rand Paul will hold on but sees the end game for him soon.

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