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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:Trumps Tax Plan is Brilliant…
Submitted by IWB, on September 28th, 201

No Small Mom and Pop business in america will pay more than 15% in federal taxes.
which is now 39%
Income Tax Rate
Long Term Cap Gains/ Dividends Rate
Single Filers
Married Filers
Heads of Household0%
$0 to $25,000
$0 to $50,000
$0 to $37,500
$25,001 to $50,000
$50,001 to $100,000
$37,501 to $75,000
$50,001 to $150,000
$100,001 to $300,000
$75,001 to $225,000
$150,001 and up
$300,001 and up
$225,001 and up
Donald Trump says U.S. companies will no longer need to move abroad to take advantage of lower taxes if his tax plan becomes a reality.
Trump, the billionaire real-estate mogul currently leading the pack for the Republican presidential nomination, took aim squarely at so-called corporate tax inversions when he unveiled his tax-reform plan on Monday.
Trump’s plan would significantly cut the U.S. corporate tax rate, to 15%. The current top corporate rate is 35%.
“This lower rate makes corporate inversions unnecessary by making America’s tax rate one of the best in the world,” Trump says in his tax plan.

Hillary's 'favorable' number plummets to 38 percent as Ben Carson's headline-grabbing comments about Muslims have made him MORE popular

•Hillary, Trump still leading their parties as front-runners

•But Sanders, Carson continue to climb just below them in second place

•Poll shows more bad news for deposed front-runner Jeb Bush
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

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