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Next President of the United Fates of America

Here comes all the big talk and bad breath concerning Putin.

Of the current Republican candidates talking shit,,
Rubio wants to get tough on Putin, and probably talking the toughest right now ...
except for
Carly Fiorina Lol 

Quote:Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, 
a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, 
plans Friday to step up his rhetorical attacks on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Florida senator will use a foreign-policy forum 
in this first-in-the-nation caucus state 
to outline a series of steps he would take as president to isolate Mr. Putin ---> Kickbut <--- Rubio
and his inner circle in the escalating standoff between the two Cold War foes.

Mr. Rubio will call for new sanctions Huh against top Russian officials and companies  
including oil and gas giant Gazprom.  
He will promise to provide arms and intelligence to Ukraine. Rofl

And he will vow to work with European allies to exclude Russia 
from an exchange that allows banks to transfer money across borders.

“We are barreling toward a second Cold War, 
and strong American leadership is the only force capable 
of ensuring that peace and security once again prevail,” 
Mr. Rubio is set to say Friday at an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

“The more our current president fails the test of leadership against Putin, 
the more important it becomes for our next president to pass it. 
I will pass this test.”

The Florida senator will promise to take a much harder line against Mr. Putin 
and his government than President Barack Obama, 
vowing to impose visa bans and freeze the assets of high-level Russian officials,
much as the current administration has done. 

But Mr. Rubio also wants to limit diplomatic interactions between the two countries, 
in his words, 
“ceasing efforts to engage Moscow on issues not essential to resolving the crisis in the Ukraine.”

These proposals mark Mr. Rubio’s latest salvo at the Russian president – 
the Florida senator previously dubbed Mr. Putin Pimp a gangster. 

In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that aired over the weekend, 
the Russian president responded to the accusation by telling the interviewer, 
“How can I be a gangster, 
if I worked for the KGB?”   Rofl

“The significance of Russia’s recent military activity in Syria cannot be downplayed,” 
Mr. Rubio is set to say in remarks at a noon event 
in Cedar Rapids Friday organized by Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security, 
a group founded by former House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers. 
“It is no less noteworthy as a power play than the invasion of Ukraine.”

Mr. Rubio is expected to accuse the Russian president of:
“using military power to prop up Bashar al-Assad, 
a vicious dictator Whip
who is intentionally slaughtering the Syrian people 
and helping prolong Islamic State’s terror in an attempt to retain power,” 
according to advance excerpts of his remarks.

As president, 
Mr. Rubio also would step up American efforts to influence the Russian people directly 
“to counter Russian propaganda Tp  so that the Russian people have access to accurate information,  
He also wants to target any Russian officials involved in human-right abuses 
or the assassination of Russians critical of the government Applause

“Under my administration, there will be no pleading for meetings with Vladimir Putin,”  

Mr. Rubio is set to say. 
“He will be treated as the gangster and thug that he is. 
And yes, I stand by that phrasing.”

Carly and Hillary are ho-bagging bullshit propaganda on what they are going to do with Putin
Hillary echoes Carly Fiorina: 
I’d impose a no-fly zone inside Syria Rofl

Quote:This was a bad idea when Fiorina pushed it yesterday and it’s still a bad idea today. 
Is one worse than the other, though? 
Fiorina wants an NFZ to protect American-backed rebels from Putin’s bombs; 
Hillary wants one for “humanitarian” reasons, 
the same sort of thinking that produced the paradise you and I know as modern Libya.

Fiorina’s plan is targeted. 
Putin can do what he wants so long as he doesn’t mess with our guys on the ground. 
 There’s a fair chance that Russia would respect that red line 
since there are plenty of other Sunni targets threatening Assad to busy themselves with. 

Hillary’s plan is gassy as can be. 
If she’s serious about a “humanitarian” campaign to stop the carnage, 
then she’s talking about a no-fly zone 
that would cover huge swaths of the country and would put the U.S. Air Force 
in direct confrontation with Assad’s air corps — and Putin’s. 

That would probably require a coalition, 
assuming you could muster one for a de facto NATO/Russia air war over Syria. 
I assume that, as with Fiorina, 
this is mostly campaign blather from Hillary designed to show swing voters 
that the First Woman President would be just as tough as the boys, 
but it’s interesting that she’s willing to cross the White House to make that point. 

A political deal appears to already have been struck betyween Obama and Putin on Syria,'
and what transpires next is if Putin honors the back door deal in whatever details they agreed to.
Obama knew Putin was going to strike in Syria as he did, 
as even Kerry afterwards has suggested that Assad could be an option in staying in power in a peace talk process. 
Ultimately for Putin to bring any true peace prospects to a table,
Assad would have to step down as an inevitability for that process to succeed.
Putin would decide when that happens,
and that might ultimately may be part of the long range but shaky deal.
If so, somewhere within the unpredictable time line, 
Assad will be assasinated, or he will be living in Moscow after he cedes power to another Alawite.
And Putin may set that into motion himself if he feels it necessary to clean house in Damascus.  
Mark my words.

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