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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump obviously views Rubio as the one true major threat 
due to Rubio's sudden acceleration in polling after the debate,
but he likes Rubio .... in Trump's own way.

Trump is playing the Cruz card as a backup shadow candidate from what I can read between the lines.
Trump is not too worried about Bush or Carson, and Fiorina will be a lingering flash in the pan at best.
It is Rubio that may suddenly gain a lot of polling numbers as this thing carries on.

In a way Trump gave Rubio a shot in the arm with this prank he pulled.
It is interesting politics.
It is quite possible that Truimp realizes that he probably won't outlast the rest,
and he is focusing on his alternatives.

everybody has seen this, but for the record

The package of "Trump Ice Natural Spring Water" Trump sent to Rubio's Washington office.

Quote:This isn’t the first time Trump has attacked Rubio 
for getting too thirsty or sweating too much. 
Following the second GOP debate, 
Trump said of Rubio 
“he sweats more than any young person I've ever seen in my life.” Lol

Trump is on a merry go round of mumbo jumbo when it comes to Putin

Quote:With Russia conducting airstrikes in Syria this week, 
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told ABC News 
he’d wait to see how the situation develops before taking action, 
suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be falling into a trap, 
much like the Soviet Union did with its invasion of Afghanistan several decades ago.

“I think what I want to do is I want to sit back, 

and this does not sound like me very much, 
but I want to sit back and I want to see what happens,” 
Trump told ABC News’ chief anchor George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” 
when asked if he’d be in favor of establishing a no-fly zone in the country. Lol

"no fly zone" ... the Republicans --- all talk --- 
and nothing but the velcro fly zone {dicks in their hands}


Putin .... when asked ---- about the US establishing a "no fly zone"

"Obama can't even unzip his velcro fly"
[Image: putin-laughing.jpg]

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