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Next President of the United Fates of America
I am not promoting Trumpty Dumpty to take the presidency
matter of fact
he may very well fall off the wall.

What Trump did was a great service to presidential race by tossing his hat into the ring
Bush announced his candidacy.
Bush's numbers suddenly surged --- then as soon as Trump entered the ring,
Bush slid down the teflon slide of stupidissimo into the sludge of what he really is --
a retard with bacon fat funding, and declining polling numbers.

I am convinced that this was Trump's main reason for entering the race initially.

Trump was funny again this morning on stage at a rally:

Quote:"Bush wants to be president ... but he can't even run his own campaign!"  Lol

referring to the 40% pay cuts to t Bush's staff

So Ben Buckwheat Cream of Wheat WTF Wheat Carson has taken a lead in Iowa over Trump.

Iowa is like ... whoever wins ... doesn't get the fresh corn cob up their ass for that effort,
and the rest get a temporary corn cobbing in the polls,
and the whole package of dick heads then moves on to the next state.

Iowa should be the LAST state for presidential polling. 
It is the state of the Cornhole Poll.
right now ... Carly Fiorina ... is next in line for a good corn cobbing.
In polling you watch Ohio, Florida, California, etc etc etc
In Iowa you watch college football and spray Monsanto products on agricultural enterprises.

Iowa was good for sending Weasel Walker packing with a corn cob up his ass.

Hillary just kicked royal ass in the Benghazi email hearings.
have you ever ...
seen so many stupid Republicans emerge from that hearing with their heads so far up their asses?


I mean ... each and every news organization is actually laughing at the Benghazi inquisition.
It is the biggest failure in American witch hunt politics to date.
Hillary just went in,
and kicked the crap out of all the best of them.
Made them all look like Jeb Bush trying to smile and sodomize himself simulatneously with an Iowa corn cob,
while dressed in black pajamas with little clown heads as 'jammie decor.  

I would vote for Trump over Carson.
I would vote for Hillary over Buckwheat WTF Wheat Carson.

Trump is a wild enough card to be presidential.
If Obama can slicker ticker tape his way into 8 years of presidency and keep the nation above water,
well trump should be no different, if not better in such capabilities.


Quote:Trump is not fit to be president. 

Bush is not fit to shit in his own toilet.
Bush's toilet runneth over in campaign financing which has been wasted on TV ads {24 million down the drain}.
Bush is not fit to be the DC dog catcher.
Bush would make a good ambassador to Burundi or Bhutan or Iowa -- anywhere off the map.

Rubio slugging it out with Cruz in the Iowa corn cob polls.
Rand Paul tripled his polling numbers to 5 % Hmm2
Fiorina has sunk to a new low pretty darn fast in Iowa.

Hillary had her best week yet, 
and she is making it pay while Sanders swallows that Iowa corn cob,
after Hillary rode it so well for weeks
under the onslaught of the Benghazi panel hearings.

Every one of those Republicans on the Benghazi panel now has an Iowa corn cob up their ass.
What a grand failure in American politics.

Red Carpet Rag Hillary is on her way while the Republican candidates battle for polling numbers
in the Corn Hole state.

Take those Iowa polls and shove them where the sun don't shine,
right up Bush's superpac bung hole.

I would like to see Rubio and Paul make more headway, 
and detract from Cream of WTF Wheat Carson.
Trump will have to show us the money in New Hampshire.

Barney Slumber better wake up fast,
his supporters will need amphetamines to stay awake from being demoralized slowly but surely.

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