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Next President of the United Fates of America
That poll on "Clinton losing to everybody"
is actually a FOX news poll.

This link here compares several Republicans against Clinton,
from 6 different national polling sites.
scroll down for the last few months of record.
Currently she lost ground but still retains a slight lead overall.

She whups up on Trump Whip

Rubio did well enough

Carson topped her more than anyone

She hammered Bush, and note that only the FOX poll had Bush leading in that one.

Clinton also beat Fiorina and Cruz.

None the less the previous several months of record showed her consistently in the lead,
but that has now changed.

The Cruz -- Clinton comparison at the link was interesting in that she lost to Rubio,
but handily beat Cruz,
yet Cruz had a stronger lead in the Republican polls than Rubio.

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