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Next President of the United Fates of America
The last week or so was of kind of the lull before the storm at next Republican debate.
I like what Trump said,
"If you want to get to be president, you have to go through Trump"

True enough in the Republican race,
but I was quite surprised to see Trump and Cruz neck and neck at 25 and 23 percent, 
and the slow motion sinkhole Carson losing chunks of percentage points and down to 18%.

Rubio languishing at the top of the second tier of candidates,
with the Aluminum Foil Lady Carly Fiorina chasing him,
and Chris the Refrigerator Christie gets an endorsement from a New Hampshire newspaper. 
Good to see Rand Paul hanging in there.

check out Ted  Naughty  Cruz
In the wake of Friday’s deadly shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, 

Quote:Ted Naughty  Cruz claimed:  
the "overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats" Lol
and that the Democrats and media are politicizing the shooting.

The Texas lawmaker was asked about the shooting, which left three dead, 
during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt Monday.
During the interview, 
Cruz said he believes Democrats are soft on crime because 
“an overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.”

When ABC News asked Cruz about his remarks today, 
he said he was “engaging in a process that is called "reasonable inference.”  Tp

"An inference is actually rational reasoning, which people do all the time,” he said.
Cruz claimed that elected officials appoint 
"senior Justice Department officials" and lawyers who "lionize" and "glorify" cop killers.

Cruz also told Hewitt the Colorado Springs shooting was “fundamentally wrong” 
and the work of a “deranged, homicidal killer.”

Ted Naughty  Cruz continues on Black Lives Matter Nonono

Quote:“You want to talk about inflamed rhetoric, 
Black Lives Matter has been caught, 
their protesters on film, 
chanting 'pigs in a blanket' Whip
'fry ‘em like bacon' Whip
Now that is hateful rhetoric Whip
and I don’t see any reporters asking Hillary Clinton Whip
when she meets with Black Lives Matter 
whether she agrees with those sentiments that we should be murdering police officers,” 
Cruz said Monday.

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