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Next President of the United Fates of America
on the Rand Paul post ... 2 posts back ... in the 1-10 list

Quote:10. EPA rules by executive FIAT trying to kill an entire American industry and way of life (coal).

that is a very good thing.
currently they are trying to railcar up to 36 freight trains a day thru Wa state
along the coast <---
full of fucking coal and coal dust,
to send to  Yak China
so that they can pollute the planet to death with their fucked up industrial models.

and the result?

China right now has emergency air pollution disasters in several cities,
with people told to stay inside,
don;t open windows Whip
don't breathe for 3 days Whip
all industries shut down Whip
and all that pollution rides the jet stream right over to Washington and Oregon state,
and Northern Cal as well.


the coal industry is a bad scam and should be shelved as an energy prospect

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