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Next President of the United Fates of America

the Great Wall of Trump at the Mexican border Rofl

Bush --- wants a no fly zone --- does that include the Russian incursions?
Called Trump the "chaos Candidate" and the "chaos president"
 --- it sounded interesting until Trump came back at him

Trump response to Bush: Bush has failed in his presidential campaign Lol then Bush had that stupid look. 

Rubio fast-n-sharp on Obama

Cruz actually defended Trump just now on the Muslim issue, and focused on Obama
and Cruz
wants to suspend Muslims entering for 3 years
then he mumbled BS about horse thieves and democritters

The aluminum foil lady Carly Fiorina is old baggage with no solutions other than saying she has a solution

Christie keeps talking about himself being a former fed prosecutor ... he sucks

kasich --- troops on the ground --- American troops --- tosses in the Climate crisis talks as useless

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