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Next President of the United Fates of America
I will bet that the ratings on the Democratic debate were worse than an Oprah rerun.
I thought about watching it


No, not another night of Hillary, 
so I went to a XMas party and watched the Chris Eger band,
while girl watching,
in my age group Whip
most of the girls are kind of Hillary's age.
So I was watching old ladies dance to rock and roll.
I did meet a really pretty nice lady named Dorothy ... from Kansas. 


the younger bunnies that were there looked like Chelsea Clinton in a miniskirt ,
with skin tight pussy pants under that.


I could have sworn I saw Bill Clinton slip into the bathroom with one of those young ones.
By the time he emerged there was a line to get in.

No, not only is Hillary an exercise in boredom, 
but Barney Slumber {Sanders} makes one run for the coffee pot and the pot pipe.


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